ELEPHONE S7 – the lowest price in history just $129.99 @Coolicool

Elephone is a good Chinese manufacturer although this time it has been encouraged to go further. They imitated the Samsung S9 a while ago. This cloned cell phone is called Elephone U / U Pro that using SD 660 CPU. It has created the Elephone S7 to make an elegant clone of the Galaxy S7, a very similar design but for a price of $129.99. How about? Now, we have seen that the Elephone S7 is real and can be purchased, in fact here you can buy for $129.99 but we will help you decide if it really is a good purchase option or if on the contrary you should not even value it.

When we look at the Elephone S7 we realize that there are two absences and differences , there is no double flash and neither is the front camera in the same place. On the front it has a button that acts as a fingerprint reader but does not bear the mark, so it is difficult to know who made it.

The buttons this time are all on the right side and the USB port is located on the bottom while the jack is moved to the top. On the back we can see a camera on the left and an Elephone logo, very good, in the central part of the phone.

Let’s take a look at its configuration

ELEPHONE S7 - lowest price in history just 9.99 @Coolicool

The Elephone S7 has measures of 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm and a weight of 157 grams and will be available in black, green, blue and gold. In turn the hardware changes a little, it is more humble but very decent for its price. In turn the Elephone S7 brings a 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution and a very fair battery, a 2600 mAh battery that will not be up to the task, that’s a small problem. The rear camera is 16 MP and the front of 5 MP , we do not believe that we will have problems with it. However the phone comes complete in terms of connectivity with 3G, 4G, WiFi B / G / N and Bluetooth. All this comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow so it should work really well.

Is it worth buying?

The truth is that there are many clones but most of them are not going to provide similar performance. Even so, this phone offers good design and correct performance.

If you want it you can see that the purchase button remains below although the basic version that can be brought free from China for about $129.99, the shopping website is totally secure, Coolicool.com, a website that we have trusted for long time.



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