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Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The first device is the Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner or Xiaomi Roidmi F8 for short. The new device from Xiaomi Investment Roidmi is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a strong battery and many uses. In addition, the vacuum cleaner could already receive an iF Design Award.

In the price of $240, about 194€ , also a huge accessory package is included, which makes the Roidmi F8 mobile all-purpose vacuum cleaner: Soil cleaning, dusting on the shelf, vacuum upholstery or to bring the car up to scratch. Numbers 3, 7, 9 and 10 are available separately, the filter 7 and the flexible 3 or small 4 turbo nozzle get preorder on top. These are otherwise $3, $13 and $16, respectively, which is fair.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Like almost every product from the Xiaomi ecosystem, the Roidmi F8 will also be integrated into the Mi Home app. Here you can adjust the power, the battery level or the status of the HEPA filters.

The performance of the Roidmi F8 so far can only set out a few figures: allegedly the engine should provide 115 watts of power, the vacuum cleaner robots only 58 or the predecessor 55 watts. And so much to say: the suction power of Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is especially evident in the spotless carpets.

  • The battery measures 74 Wh, which should be sufficient for 55 minutes of operation in turbo mode.
  • The container absorbs up to 0.4l of dirt.
  • The sucked in air quantity passes through a 4-stage filter system.
  • The handheld cleaner weighs with brush for floor and carpet cleaning 2,5kg and alone, eg as a car vacuum cleaner, 1,5kg.

How it will ultimately work out in practice will be revealed – our webmaster Kai can not wait to hold the Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner in his fingers. Competition on top level is expensive: for the mobile vacuum cleaner by Dyson will be over 400 € due and accessories are high priced. The cheaper alternative Dibea C17 unfortunately failed miserably in the test.

Roidmi F8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Video

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