Ninebot One C+ Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle

The Ninebot One, two versions available: E+ and C+. Both versions are physically identical and feature patented Segway MK2 technology. This is a unicycle, to join the family of electric vehicles such as the Ninebot Plus, Ninebot Mini Pro or the new Ninebot scooter No.9. This single-wheeled Ninebot One comes with an improved battery that is capable of carrying you up to 35 km away. It features a state-of-the-art, revolutionary hybrid energy-saving system that’s built in, allowing you to recharge when braking and going downhill. The gyroscopic Ninebot One wheel gives you a unique driving experience.

Ninebot One’s tires are high performance and long lasting. They are able to ride on all types of terrain without any problems or great effort. Ninebot One is connected to your mobile device thanks to the free Ninedroid application (iOS, Android) and allows you to have a real dashboard, control the settings, etc..

This 100% electric Ninebot One is a non-polluting and environmentally friendly means of transport. It takes 4 hours to fully recharge through a simple plug. This single-wheel electric unicycle has an ergonomic design, since the bodywork on its side parts is much better adapted to the legs of each person. That, without a doubt, makes your driving much more natural. The casings are interchangeable, you can purchase several different colour kits and change them whenever you want. It has LEDs with thousands of different colors to make your electric unicycle a spectacle when you ride at night.

Best of all, this new model has two versions, the One E+ and C+ versions. The basic model would be the version, Ninebot One C+ and the high-end Ninebot One E+.

Ninebot ONE C+ First Ever Ride and Hands on Video

Via: Speedy Feet UK Channel

Ninebot One C+ Main Features:

● Single wheel unicycle for the new future of balance scooter
● Smartphone APP management with Bluetooth 4.0 for guiding you update the instructions
● The display panel for better using of the unicycle
● The changeable lights for warning you the situation of the unicycle
● The 400W motor provides the max 20km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient
● 4.1Ah / 220Wh / 55.5V Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for 18 – 22km mileage
● 16 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds
● Magnesium alloy frame and PC shell for max 100kg payload
● Charger:
Input: 100 – 240V AC; 50 – 60Hz; max 2A
Output: 63V DC; 1.9A; 120W rated output power
● Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in wide road, grass land, slope, etc.

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