Doogee BL9000 – a monster 9000mAh battery phone with wireless charging

Doogee BL9000 - a monster 9000mAh battery phone with wireless charging

An old trend is currently experiencing a minor renaissance: smartphones with a very large battery. Ulefone soon sets the world record with the Ulefone Power 5, which handles 13000 mAh battery capacity. At least something more dignified makes it possible to tackle Doogee. The Doogee BL9000 positions itself between two other offshoots of the BL series.

These two other offshoots of the BL series are the BL7000 and the BL12000. Optically, the smartphone ranks exactly in between, where it is more likely based on the Doogee BL7000. The new smartphone from Doogee does not reflect the borderless trend, screen margins are clearly visible. On the lower and upper side, however, much thinner than left and right. Although it is not yet clear how big the screen will be, a 5.99 “screen is most likely. However, we do not find a home button at the front. The fingerprint sensor is also hidden on the back.

The back reminds us more of the BL7000. This is due to the imitation leather look that makes up the majority. Relatively far down is the Doogee logo, at the top is a black element on which the dual camera and the fingerprint sensor find space. On the case frame, however, there are no big surprises. On the right is the power button under the two volume buttons, opposite we can insert our SIM card.

Since this is a true battery monster, the battery is of course in the foreground. Whole 9,000 mAh should ensure an above-average battery life. However, we hope that Doogee cuts off a disc at Xiaomi and adjusts the software accordingly. We also saw similar things with the Vernee Thor Plus, where even an endurance mode is integrated. We are curious how this hardware affects the look. According to experience, the BL9000 is likely to be thicker than 1 cm. As a processor, we can imagine the Helio P23, which has recently found place in the Blackview P10000 Pro, for example. The imitation leather back also reminds us of the MAZE Comet.

Doogee BL9000 supports wireless charging

Doogee BL9000 - a monster 9000mAh battery phone with wireless charging

Even if virtually nothing is certain, one feature is already certain: The Doogee BL9000 also supports wireless charging . The Qi charging ability we find lately more often in smartphones, while last year was almost not the case. It is interesting, however, how well that harmonizes with the artificial leather back. Actually, a glass back is much more practical.

Too bad that Doogee leaves us in the dark. For the BL series, Doogee puts the focus on the battery. Of course we are pleased that you implement Qi support. Nevertheless, the premise of a cordless smartphone stands or falls just with the software – Xiaomi makes it. When new information comes to light, we present it to you here and include the BL9000 in our review of the best battery- powered monster smartphones.


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