Xiaomi Mi 6X launch date & design confirmed

When Xiaomi announced a launch event last week for April 25th, we didn’t know exactly what was presented there. The assumption went however already strongly in the direction of Xiaomi Mi 6X. This is exactly what Xiaomi has now confirmed with another launch teaser. Here the presentation for the Xiaomi Mi 6X is clearly announced on April 25th. Of course there could also be other products, but this can only be speculated about for the time being. What’s interesting is that Xiaomi has already revealed what the Mi 6X looks like at the launch teaser. The design is very similar to the Redmi Note 5, so you could say that the Xiaomi Mi 6X is a Redmi Note 5 with better hardware if the rumors are about a Snapdragon 660 processor.

Xiaomi Mi 6X launch date & design confirmed

Internationally, the Xiaomi Mi 6X will probably be launched as Xiaomi Mi A2. There are two indications of this. One time this was already the case with the Mi 5X, which came onto the international market as the Mi A1 and could celebrate great success. The second note is that according to a report by 91mobiles, official sales in India, where the Mi A1 first came onto the market, have already ceased. According to the report, the smartphone is sold out in all official channels, including the shop on the Indian Xiaomi site. This suggests that the Mi 6X will actually appear as Mi A2 and then replace the Mi A1.

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