Asus ZenFone 5 ZE620KL Review

At 2:30 a.m. on the 28th, Beijing time, ASUS released three phones on the MWC 2018: the ZenFone 5Z, the ZenFone 5, and the ZenFone 5 Lite. All three products use a 19:9 full screen design, with a screen share of over 90%, and support for AI functionality. Today we come to experience the Asus ZenFone 5 and see how it actually performs.

ASUS ZenFone 5/ 5Z
Name ASUS ZenFone 5 ASUS ZenFone 5Z
CPU SD 636 SD 845
ROM 64GB/ 128GB
Screen 6.2 inches 2246 x1080, 19:9 full screen
Camera Dual 8.0MP Front camera
12.0MP + 8.0MP Rear camera
OS Android 8.0
Weight 155g
Baterry 3300mAh
Net Netcom
Feature Supports three-axis EIS anti-shake, face unlock, real-time beauty
Price $479 $499

The positioning of the ASUS ZenFone 5 is a flagship handset using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. The basic memory storage configuration is 4GB RAM +64GB ROM. The price starts at $479. The ZenFone 5 also offers 6GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB configuration versions. It Runs Android 8.0 based on ZenUI 5.0, the screen is 6.2 inches 1080×2246 resolution, support DCI-P3 color gamut.

ZenFone 5 offers dark blue and meteor silver colors. In terms of design, the ASUS ZenFone 5/5Z uses a Notch design similar to the iPhone X, but according to Asustek’s official introduction, the “Notch” area of the ZenFone 5 is nearly 26% smaller than that of the iPhone X, and the proportion of screens is as high as 90%. Very amazing. The back of the mobile phone is made of glass. Through special treatment, the “concentric circles” optical effect presented on the back of these two models is also very distinctive and very recognizable.

ZenFone5 Unpacking

All accessories are as follows

  • Transparent TPU protective case
  • ZenEar Pro in-ear earphone
  • ZenFone5, 5V2A charger
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Manual
  • Card back

Original protective shell, complete coating of soft silicone

If you have the habit of coating, soft shell can be directly put on (I personally will be coated, glass body will inevitably scratch)

Charger and original wire

ZenFone 5 Charger Supports 5V/2A Fast Charge, ZenEar Pro In-Ear Headphones Promise Hi-Res High-Quality Playback.

But ZenFone 5 supports up to 18W fast charging (9V = 2A/12V = 1.5A), with Boostmaster fast charging & AI smart charging technology can be used with the recently launched ZenPower QC3.0.

ZenFone 5 debut, inherited ZenFone4 double glass + metal body, the texture will be softer.

The glass is a bit warmer, and the concentric light is also softer. Texture has improved, there are dark blue, star silver two kinds of color.

90% ultra-high screen accounted for shaped screen

The screen ratio is 19:9, and the proportion of screen screens has increased dramatically to 90%. Look at this ultra-narrow frame, which is really very thin. It is equivalent to putting a 6.2-inch screen into a 5.5-inch body and grabbing it as big as possible. It’s even bigger.

This year’s most popular hairstyles, full-screen is now a trend, but because the front lens and sensor must be preserved, most of them use a special-shaped cutting full screen.

The style is divided into two major factions: notch and chin. ZenFone 5 is a bang of the bangs, which is nearly 26% smaller than the bangs of the iPhone X. It can also display more content, such as electricity. Notch is hidden: distance / light / RGB sensor, power indicator, 8 million / f2.0 front lens, microphone.

Screen resolution up to FHD+ 2246×1080, brightness 550nits. The front screen is close to the full plane, with only 2.5D surfaces on both sides. Because of the low degree of camber, it is easy to buy glass protective stickers.

The body size, weight, and feel of the ZenFone 5 are all approaching balance. Concentric circles on the back retain their own characteristics. Changes are made in the minute, more changes are placed on the hardware specifications, and the system adjustment is improved. Fingerprint recognition is located on the rear side. Non-pushable.

The SIM card slot adopts a mixed type 3 option 2 and supports 4G+4G, 2CA dual card dual standby, the side metal frame thickness is 7.7mm, and supports microSD memory card.

I also feel very good, looks similar to ZenFone4, but the overall operating experience is almost equal to the mainstream flagship. Whether it is the screen, feel, camera, endurance, or even the convenience of living, there has been significant progress.

Boot up and send you 100G Google Drive. Built-in space 64G, actually available 52G.

Fingerprint recognition is also supported. It also supports the latest facial recognition and unlocking. Both are very fast.

Antutu score

In the smart efficiency mode, the use of security Bunny ran out of the performance of 136,364 points, the highest up to 142945, the performance is higher than the S660. Most of the time he will use the general model to perform, only the specific high demand APP will be changed to performance mode.

Force full screen – Game mode

Many people buy new mobile phones for mobile games. Asus has never let go of this pie.

Taking pictures

At the same time using “83-degree standard lens + 120 ultra-wide-angle lens” dual lens configuration.

  • Main lens : F1.8 large aperture, 12 million 1.4μm sensor, 83 degree, OIS 4-axis optical anti-shake/EIS, 0.03S bi-phase focus
  • Auxiliary lens : 8 million, 120 super wide angle lens
  • Fill light: RGB color sensor

This is a rare dual-lens configuration currently used by LG & ASUS. I personally think that ultra-wide angle will be more practical than telescope, It’s very easy to take a big shot at a tourist attraction.

Dark light camera capability

In simple terms, there will be various scenes in our lives, such as outdoor daytime, grassland, indoor, dusk, setting sun, backlighting, night signs, portraits, food, ultra-low light sources, etc. If these scenes are all shot with Auto, it is difficult to ensure good shots in the early days of mobile phones.

ZenFone has launched the fifth generation so far, and the picture quality and success rate of the pictures have finally made me happy to use the flagship machine. Put a lot of real pictures on it, I think we all know. The most important feature of the multi-effects of introducing AI wisdom this time is “Simple”.

Its 16 kinds of AI intelligent scene detection, and take the initiative to optimize the shooting parameters, and AI photo automatic learning function will learn your shooting habits, the next time you add your shooting parameters, but also in the optimization of the system is also very helpful, for example, Electricity, such as smart performance, such as environmental detection.

The AI ​​will give you more when you need it. When it is not needed, the mobile phone will not consume power. It will also actively sense whether you are watching the screen and automatically adjust the ring volume according to the noisy environment. This combination brings ZenFone 5 smarter and better use.

ZenUI has a lot of useful features, such as multi-touch button long shots to direct screenshots, support game modes, including game video, live streaming, forced full screen, and recording macros. Personal favorite … FM Radio, long shots, application avatars, even connected voice recordings are built-in.

Where to buy

I recommend that you go to GearBest to purchase it. The price is very cheap, only 479.99 USD.


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