New HiRes Digital Audio Player Pioneer XDP-02U – Perfect for smartphone and home network:

New HiRes Digital Audio Player Pioneer XDP-02U - Perfect for smartphone and home network:

With the XDP-02U, Pioneer presents an extremely compact Hi-Res digital audio player of the latest generation, which should work perfectly with smartphone and home network. The XDP-02U is designed to bridge the gap between traditional portable players, smartphones and stationary hi-fi systems and deliver everything you need for true hi-res audio playback with high-quality components.

The XDP-02U wants to be much more than just a digital audio player: streaming client, read-only memory and converter/amplifier find room in its tiny housing: With up to 528 GB memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, analog line-out and digital output via USB / OTG, and the ability to share music, hardly any wishes should remain unfulfilled. The player also supports lossless audio streaming with TIDAL, Deezer or TuneIn and downloading Hi-Res audio albums directly from Onkyo Music (including MQA) including DSD 5.6 MHz and 192 kHz / 32-bit FLAC / WAV playback. The Hi-bit 32 mode also increases the sound quality of compressed and uncompressed formats to provide a significantly improved sound experience even with older titles.

This acoustic performance is made possible by the high-quality ESS SABRE ES9018C2M twin converters and two high-power SABRE ESS9601K amplifiers. Each of the symmetrically constructed L / R channels should be supplied by separate capacitors. The design leads to transparent reproduction and results in extraordinary details on an “unbelievable” spatial sound stage. The amplifiers are designed to drive headphones up to 600 ohms. There is a choice between conventional and balanced sound output via the two jack outputs, which “tickle out” every bit of the music with the appropriate Hi-Res audio headphones.

In order to minimize possible interference signals emanating from the player’s electronics, a separate circuit board layout for signal processing and power supply should be used, despite the small dimensions of the XDP-02U, in order to ensure absolutely unadulterated, pure reproduction.

The order of the start screen tiles on the XDP-02U should be customizable to get direct access to special menus. Playlists should be able to be created and edited. The XDP-02U can be controlled via the 2.4-inch touch screen, the easily accessible operating buttons on the side and compatible headphones with integrated remote control. The free “Pioneer DuoRemote” app for iOS and Android for controlling the player will also allow a connection via Bluetooth to ensure perfect integration of your own music entertainment.


  1. I’ve got the onkyo dp s1. This pioneer is just about identical to it. I can’t find any differences. So I’d have to say the pioneer is going to be a great little player. The dps1 certainly is. I also have the onkyo dp x1a for home use and the dp s1 is very close to it, but more pocket friendly.


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