Nilox DOC ECO – an electric skateboard

It is no longer necessary to spend too much money to access some of the new electric vehicles, nor is it necessary to choose models of dubious quality when it comes to saving a few dollars, since specialized brands such as Nilox have a wide variety of devices for sale that are worthwhile. Today it’s Nilox DOC ECO’s turn.

Nilox DOC ECO is an electric skateboard that stands out as a fairly simple option from its aesthetics and overall performance, although it gives enough for most users to feel their movement needs complete. As its name suggests, the best thing about this vehicle is its performance with a thought for ecological savings.

Nilox DOC ECO - an electric skateboard

In terms of design, this option follows in the footsteps of traditional skateboards to the point where it is not easy to determine that you are facing an electrical option with the naked eye. It is marketed in black, silver and red, and its aesthetics are attractive in both cases. With all-aluminium materials that help to increase strength and transport safety in a variety of everyday situations, whether it starts to rain or you run into puddles along the way, you can rest assured of prolonged use without damage or performance problems.

The official dimensions of Nilox DOC ECO correspond to 115 x 100,8 x 48 centimetres, while its total weight is 13,8 kilograms. However, one advantage is the freedom offered by the union of the base with the handlebars to be folded completely horizontally and thus take up much less space when it comes to storing it at home even if there is not much space available. As far as operation is concerned, Nilox DOC ECO operates on the basis of an electric motor of 250W of power that allows to reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h, ideal for agile driving in any urban area (as long as there is not too much trouble to reach). As far as handling is concerned, it is not necessary to have too much capacity on the part of the user or to achieve an advanced balance as required by hoverboards of the caliber of Nilox Doc Hoverboard 6.5, so here it is only necessary to give it an initial couple of pulses so that the engine can be activated automatically and it is already possible to accelerate through the use of the handlebar lever.

Finally, it is indicated that there are wheels with dimensions of 8 inches, more than enough to move comfortably along different surfaces, even if these are not completely smooth, while those interested in using them should know that they need not to exceed a weight of 100 kilograms for their system to work properly.

To complete everything you have to offer this interesting skateboard, its official figures indicate a range of approximately 40 minutes of uninterrupted use at maximum speed, or in its absence, which is enough for about 12 kilometers covered before losing its electrical capacity. DOC ECO also invites you to recharge it every night so that it can be used the next day from the very first moment, as the waiting time for your 4400 mAh battery to reach 100% again is remarkably long: approximately 480 minutes (8 hours connected to the current).

In conclusion, when comparing this option with other options available on the market, there is nothing that really stands out, but there are also no notable absences in its characteristics that disappoint the average user. In the price-specifications ratio it deserves to be among the recommended models.

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