PlayStation 5: a powerful video game console to be released in 2019?

Rumors are multiplying about the PlayStation 5. In order not to leave the argument of the most powerful video game console to Microsoft and its Xbox One X, Sony could counterattack in 2019.

Launched in 2013, the Sony PS4 has since received a little boost with the arrival in November 2016 of a Pro version. In other words, the video game console is in the final stages of its career. That’s why rumors about the PlayStation 5 are multiplying. After the supposed development kits sent to publishers, we now know the technical sheet of this famous PS5.

PlayStation 5: a powerful video game console to be released in 2019?

The SemiAccurate site has drawn what appears to be the PlayStation 5 data sheet. According to their anonymous sources, the video game console would be equipped with an APU based on an AMD Zen CPU, which benefits from 8 cores and a GPU on Navi architecture, reviewed and corrected by Sony engineers. The GDDR6 memory, expected at the end of this year 2018, would also be part of it. Finally enough to make most games run at 60 fps. On the RV side, things are also interesting. Sony would have required AMD to add virtual reality specific aspects to the PS5 chip. A new version of PlayStation VR could thus be proposed by the firm and accompany the release of PlayStation 5. This is enough to consolidate its leading position in this sector. Note that the PlayStation 5 configuration would also leave room for backwards compatibility with PS4 games. These rumors are obviously to be taken with a twist, but if we believe the traditional life cycles of consoles, the new generation and therefore the PS5 could well arrive soon.

The question remains when PlayStation 5 will be announced to the general public. And if the event took place in a few weeks, on the occasion of E3 2018, the annual video game mass taking place in Los Angeles? As of December 31, 2017, more than 73 million PS4 had been sold worldwide.


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