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  • Hot Sale! Yeelight Smart Light Strip for $32.99 @GearBest

Hot Sale! Yeelight Smart Light Strip for $32.99 @GearBest

Hot Sale! Yeelight Smart Light Strip for .99 @GearBest

Xiaomi launches the new Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light LED Strip. This is a LED strip that helps us to offer a unique atmosphere in our home for those special moments.

It is characterized by being a moldable light strip, ideal to put in different places of house, kitchen, living room, room or different electronic devices such as televisions, computer screen, etc.. The Xiaomi Yeelight weighs 0.150 kg and is therefore very light and easy to transport from one place to another.

It has to be taken into account that it is resistant against rust, so we can put it on the street without worrying about corrosion. Although it does not have any type of IP certificate, and therefore, it is not water resistant and it is not advisable to wet it.

Hot Sale! Yeelight Smart Light Strip for .99 @GearBest

On the back there is an adhesive tape, ideal for sticking it where you want to put it, and which avoids having to make holes. At the lower end of it we will find a small control panel that works through a simple touch (to turn on or off).

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip is a LED strip that can offer a wide variety of colors, specifically 16 million colors. It is important to emphasize that we can choose them at will as well as allow the same one to make its own selection according to the parameters that we indicate to him.

Hot Sale! Yeelight Smart Light Strip for .99 @GearBest

The Xiaomi Yeelight can be synchronized with our Smartphone by means of the application, ideal for controlling its colours and different options.

If you are thinking of buying a LED strip with these features this is a good opportunity as it is a flash offer with discount coupon updated. With FREE shipping and no customs fees.

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