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How to choose the correct hard disk for a NAS

If you are thinking of creating a NAS system, you should bear in mind that not all storage devices are valid for this type of function. If you have doubts about which HDD acquire we will tell you the most important points in your choice. Not all hard drives are the same, except for their dimensions and connection interface with the computer. However, not all are prepared to support the workload of a NAS, since they can spend days and weeks doing read and write operations without stopping.

How to choose the correct hard disk for a NAS

One of the things you can notice when looking for a hard drive for NAS is that they have a higher price than their counterpart focused on general use. This is thanks to the special functions that it incorporates, as well as to a greater guarantee. If you have a low budget you may be forced to buy the HDD for general use, which is totally logical. In fact, hard disks focused on their use in NAS are a relatively new product and before users used the general HDD for this purpose.

The environment inside a NAS box is very different from that of a desktop computer. When you put several hard drives close together, several things happen: the vibration increases and the heat increases. To protect against this, hard drives for NAS are protected against vibrations and generate less heat, which is why they operate at lower revolutions. This decrease in revolutions is one of the reasons why we do not recommend acquiring a NAS hard disk for a desktop computer.

Now that we have explained the main differences between hard drives for desktop computers and hard drives for NAS , how do you differentiate one from the other? Many companies put the word NAS somewhere in the product, in its box or in the name – if you are in a physical or online store. If you are buying second-hand hard drives, apart from being very careful, companies would list their products in another way. Seagate named them “NAS HDD”, Western Digital “Caviar RAID Edition” or “WD Red”.

As for knowing which is better, the difference between brands is not so great and you may be interested in waiting for the appearance of any offer. We leave you here some hard drives from the main brands of the market.

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