SJCAM A10 Body Camera for $115.99 @Gearbest

The camera manufacturer SJCAM has been a household name for us for several years, and now and then models of the brand appear as GoPro or YI competitors. Apparently they are also concerned about our safety: With the SJCAM A10 Body cam there is now a camera on the market that we only know from police officers.

Original SJCAM A10 Body Camera for 5.99 @Gearbest

Like when testing the 70 Minutes Dashcam you always ask yourself about the meaning of such gadgets. Not only because German laws restrict this, but also because camera gadgets are somewhat questionable from the point of view of data protection or privacy. In this context, a responsible handling of the user is required. Let’s take a closer look at the body cam.

The 8.3 x 5.8 x 4.0 cm small body cam weighs 13.4 g and comes with two different clips for attaching the camera. With the Xiaomi Dashcam we still needed the display, with the SJCAM we have a 2.0 inch touch screen, via which we can adjust the usual picture settings and more like with actioncams. The camera is charged via USB-C, after a charging time of 3 hours the camera is ready for a working time of 2 hours.

Original SJCAM A10 Body Camera for 5.99 @Gearbest

The camera records Mp4 files in 1920 x 1080 p resolution. There is no internal memory for storing the recordings, but the memory can be increased to 64 GB via a micro SD card. Thanks to internal WiFi, the A10 can be connected to the associated app (Android, iOS), making it easier to set up the image or change settings. The WiFi distance is 10 meters. This allows the camera to be started or turned off from the smartphone at this distance.

Original SJCAM A10 Body Camera for 5.99 @Gearbest

The body cam shoots at a maximum angle of 140°. The built-in chipset is the Novatek 96658, which is often used in action cams and is dustproof and protected against water jets from any angle with IP protection class 65. It should also be possible to control the camera with a remote control, but this is not included in the scope of delivery.

Original SJCAM A10 Body Camera for 5.99 @Gearbest

Surely the sense behind using a body cam is questionable. For this reason, SJCAM may have considered further applications for the small camera. Just as one or another actioncam can also be used as a dashcam, the SJCAM A10 can be used as such. The built-in modes “Car” and “Night” speak for the use as a dashcam. There is also motion detection, which can also be used well in the car (parking sensors, etc.).

Original SJCAM A10 Body Camera for 5.99 @Gearbest

The IP protection class, the supposedly good recording quality of the camera (if the camera has not been doctored here) and the clips included in the scope of delivery, with which the camera can be attached, speak in favour of its use as an actioncam. Another interesting feature is the noise reduction of the SJCAM A10, which should ensure good sound recordings.

Main Features:
● 2.0 inch touch screen
● 2650mAh high capacity battery
● Dual stereo microphone
● 140 degrees wide angles
● With IR-CUT night vision
● IP65 waterproof
● Multifunctional mode: burst mode, video lapse, photo lapse, car mode, night mode


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