FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike for $459.99 @Gearbest

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

The market for electric bicycles is growing through new models that improve key features such as autonomy or ease of use, all at the same time that their price becomes more accessible to most users. For example, this time we focus on a complete alternative called as FIIDO D1.

FIIDO D1 is a hybrid electric bicycle , that is, it allows the user to move freely through the city without making any physical effort, as well as giving it a classic use by means of pedals but avoiding greater wear or fatigue thanks to the secondary contribution of electrical energy for its movement. Here are some of its best features:

● Electric, moped ( power assist system ) and manpower modes, suitable for commuting, trip, shopping, exercise, etc.
● Built-in 7.8Ah Li-ion battery, max 40km mileage in pure electric mode, no need to worry about powerless situation on the way to destination
● 3 steps quick-folding, portable to carry and store
● Inflatable 14 inch rubber tire with anti-slip texture, great shockproof effect, giving you a comfortable riding experience in steep roads
● Durable and efficient disc brake on both front and rear tires, safer braking, safer riding
● Powerful 250W motor, 25km/h max speed, gradeability up to 30 degree, uneven land cannot stop your journey
● Aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and tough, 120kg payload
● With USB phone holder, power display, speed control in handlebar
● Adjustable height of saddle and handlebar

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

In the first instance, it must be said that the FIIDO D1 stands out from many competing models in the market due to its wide variety of options available to the user when adjusting his position. Far from remaining fixed and the person who must adapt to it, here both his seat and the handlebar can change their height (75 to 105 cm and 95 to 110 cm respectively).

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

As if this were not enough, it is not necessary to spend much space at home when storing the bicycle, because the rear half of the vehicle can be bent and parallel with the other half , while the pipe of his handlebar It also rotates and is oriented towards the ground. In this way, its general dimensions go from 130 x 58 x 95 cm to 75 x 65 cm.

The model is marketed in both black and white , always keeping a total of its surface in this key and without particular elements in its design. Its creators have thought of straight lines and a traditional format that at first glance does not seem to indicate that it is a more advanced model.

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

If you look at the control panel of FIIDO D1 you can find a series of buttons that clearly exceed the usual on a bicycle. Of course, its division of functions is very well thought out so that the user adapts quickly to everything he can do with it. Its braking system is nothing different, while its acceleration system is similar to that of a motorcycle .

Also, the model has a power button on its right side, three buttons to switch between its operating modes, a fixed accessory with USB port to keep the phone in front of the eyes at all times (ideal for exercise activities) and until a small panel that reveals at all times the remaining battery.

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

Logically there is also a button that makes it possible to turn on the lighting of the bicycle, this time present only in its front part l. Unlike segway models such as Ninebot KickScooter Es1, this feature can be really comfortable to move around at night avoiding accidents.

FIIDO D1 works from a 250W motor , which is the same as a sufficient power to reach maximum speeds of up to 30 km / h and to support ascents on slopes of up to 30º without the user having to make any effort. Also its aluminum structure allows people up to 120 kilograms to climb without risk of damage.

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike

On the other hand, it is indicated that the bicycle is made up of 14-inch tires with a special work on its surface so that they can adapt to different conditions on the road, with a better grip on any type of soil. Also its brake disc present front and rear ensure durability and efficiency when braking quickly.

Finally, the battery integrated in the interior corresponds to a unit of 36V / 7.8Ah, which means a range of up to 40 kilometers in automatic mode and up to twice as long if the intermediate mode is used in which the user must accompany the activity pedaling. The manufacturer assures that precautions have been taken in this matter, mainly about the care of possible overheating, short circuits, overload or over-discharge.


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