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Pioneer X-EM26, classic audio player with Bluetooth

Pioneer X-EM26, classic audio player with Bluetooth

When it comes to sharing music at home, it is common for users to have new speakers that include features such as portability, wireless connectivity and reduced designs that take great care of their modern aesthetics. However, there is also room in the market for traditional options updated to current times and Pioneer X-EM26 is one of them.

Pioneer X-EM26 is a classic music player that is characterized by having two channels of audio output and a typical conformation in its structure, even without a touch screen available and with support for physical formats such as CDs. Logically, its focus is on lovers of the old era who do not want to spend too much money for a quality model.

Features of  Pioneer X-EM26

Official site Pioneer
Dimensions 22.1 x 18 x 12.1 cm
Weight 3.5 Kilograms
Colors Black
Power 5W
Connectivity Bluetooth
Ports USB, audio input
FM Radio Yes
CD player Yes
Speaker types Sound Control (Bass / Treble), Bass Enhancer (P.BASS), DAB / DAB + Tuner
Box contents Player, Power cord, Remote control, User manual

Conventional design

Pioneer X-EM26, classic audio player with Bluetooth

The central area of ​​Pioneer X-EM26 has a square format

As the images show, here is an alternative that looks great in general terms and demonstrates quality of materials as is usual in this historic manufacturer, although it does not have a more remarkable style as other models of its catalog do. (for example Pioneer X-CM56 with its wooden parts that give a retro touch).

With dimensions of 22.1 x 18 x 12.1 cm and a weight of 3.5 kilograms is designed to take a stable place in the room and not be that typical gadget that goes from here to there for its easy portability. It is also important to emphasize in its conformation the presence of a USB port on its front face , which makes it much easier and easier to connect an external storage memory to play content.

Finally, this device is operated through a remote control with conventional format , as well as a series of six physical buttons present in the front area and the typical wheel to modify the volume. There is no touch screen and only an old school viewer that simply indicates the active playback mode.

Bluetooth, CD’s and FM radio

Pioneer X-EM26, classic audio player with Bluetooth

Pioneer X-EM26 includes a classic remote control

As mentioned in the title, there are three options for listening to music as well as connecting a pendrive and playing audio in MP3 format from external units . The most current is logically its Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it possible for any handheld phone, tablet or compatible computer to remotely play its stored contents.

If you have old CDs stored in the house and there are no computers that are compatible with them, here is not missing an available tray that allows you to play them as in those times. You can also tune the local FM radio frequencies without external antennas.

Finally, Pioneer X-EM26 has a power output of 5 watts and do not forget to add a series of equalizers to configure the audio according to the needs, tastes and types of content to listen. The “Bass Enhancer” option also comes into play to improve the quality of those low-rich sounds.

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