How to change the screen resolution in Windows


Surely you’ve ever wondered how to change the resolution of the screen on a Windows PC. Here we will explain the shortest and fastest process to get change the resolution of the screen of our PC. Changing the resolution of the screen is very useful , for example to get more, or less, elements in the field of vision, especially if we want to watch a series, film or read an ebook comfortably.

Windows control panel

Image - How to change the screen resolution in Windows

Starting from the basis that we are doing in a PC with Windows 8.1, we must clarify that the steps are relatively similar in any other version. Having said that, we went to the Windows control panel. Once there, we look for: “Appearance and personalization” . Here two options are opened, or directly click on “Adjust screen resolution”, or click on the full Appearance and customization menu.

Image - How to change the screen resolution in Windows

If we choose to click the full menu, it takes us to another window where different settings are specified. Among the settings we see the one that interests us, which is “Adjust screen resolution”. Once inside, we can change the resolution until it adapts to what we need. This is the way everyone knows, but there are several shortcuts to get to the settings and change the resolution of the screen in fewer clicks and therefore faster.

Use the Windows search engine

Image - How to change the screen resolution in Windows

In Windows 8.1 and above there is a sidebar and, among the objects that we find, there is the magnifying glass icon that is the Windows search engine.

If by some chance that bar does not come out because that day does not want to work, typical of Windows faults , you can go directly to the desktop and search. Choose the way you choose you should put in the search engine: Screen resolution . It directly takes you to the PC configuration and shows you the screen resolution settings.

If your PC is Windows and you need to change the resolution , you have already learned two ways to do it, the common and the fast.

Which method do you prefer to change the resolution? Did you know how to change it? What version of Windows do you have?


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