How to watch the Oscar 2018 online

The delivery of the Oscar 2018 awards has arrived, and many moviegoers will want to see live what films the members of the Academy have decided to distinguish. We are going to tell you how to see the 2018 Oscar online in a simple way.

The ceremony of the 2018 Oscars will be held at 2:00 a.m. from Sunday 4 to Monday 5 February, in Spanish peninsular time. We can see everything that happens at the Dolby Theater (formerly Kodak Theater) online through several media.

A few days ago Amazon put on offer the nominated films in this edition of the Oscars, but today we will know the winners. So it’s worth it to follow the ceremony live even though it will require us to stay up late.

Movistar + will broadcast the Oscars online

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Movistar + owns the rights to broadcast the ceremony of the 2018 Oscars in Spain . It will do it on channels # 0 and on Movistar Premieres. It will start at 23:30 with a previous program, and at 2:00 it will connect with the official signal, commented in Spanish.

Movistar + can be viewed online in mobile phones, tablets, consoles and smart TV, thanks to the Yomvi heiress platform. What happens is that they do not let us buy the 2018 Oscar separately, it is only offered as part of the complete package of fiber, mobile and TV, which have also suffered several price increases.

How to watch live TV through apps

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Some applications for Android such as Splive TV or Ace Stream allow us to watch live television online, so with them we will be easy to follow the Oscars 2018. Of course, we must find a list of channels that includes the one that interests us.

The problem is that these online apps do not usually have the rights of the content they emit. Until now the end users had not been punished for this issue, but a recent fine for downloading a movie could change the picture.

Sports streaming websites that point to the Oscars

Image - How to watch the Oscar 2018 online


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