Vernee M7: Cheap iPhone X clone with Qi Charging Capability

The two major smartphone trends at the Mobile World Congress 2018 were iPhone X clones and fingerprint sensors in displays. The Vernee M7 concentrates on the former and is designed for the budget sector.

Das Vernee M7 Smartphone auf der MWC 2018

Vernee is obviously copying from Apple and doesn’t want to cover it up. For this purpose, they give the latest M-series shank a notch, i. e. the opening at the top of the screen. Exactly this is much more present than with the Ulefone T2 Pro, for example, where it is considerably smaller. With a display diagonal of 5.85 inches, one moves in almost identical spheres to the model. Since the edges are relatively thin and only the lower one is slightly thicker, a similar form factor can be assumed. All in all, the M7 worked very well and therefore lay very well in the hand.

Die Frontseite des Vernee M7 Smartphones

The backside of the MWC was polished to a high gloss on the back and shone just like that. Of course, this was a real eye-catcher, but with regular use this feeling appears. Otherwise, the arrangement of the camera and fingerprint sensor is similar to the Vernee V2, but in a less “angular” design than the outdoor smartphone. The fingerprint sensor is therefore not in the display, as we have seen with the Doogee V, for example.

The fact that the Vernee M7, in contrast to the model, then moves in completely different spheres can be seen in the hardware. At the heart of this is the MediaTek MT6750T processor, which we saw last year in some budget models. Four Cortex A53 cores with 1.5 GHz clock frequency and four Cortex A53 cores with 1.0 GHz clock frequency provide enough power for everyday applications, but nothing more. We would definitely have liked a more powerful processor here.

Vernee M7 Smartphone Konzept

After all, there is an additional 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of internal memory. The battery capacity is a bit low for Vernees. Nevertheless, 3,300 mAh is still sufficient – especially with this processor – to achieve a reasonable running time.

The camera on the back of the camera, which has just been addressed, consists of two sensors. The Vernee M7 combines a 16 megapixel sensor and a 5 megapixel sensor. Only a test can show whether these impressive portrait photos are produced. The notch on the front also features a camera. A 13MP camera is available for Selfies. Face recognition is unfortunately not possible – too bad!

To ensure that the M7 is clearly tailored to the budget, Vernee adds two special features to the M7. Future-oriented is that you can charge the Vernee M7 wirelessly! A trend that will hopefully continue to prevail now. In addition, the smartphone will be launched with Android 8.1. This makes it clear that Vernee wants to secure a good positioning in the budget area with the M7.

Die glänzende Rückseite des Vernee M7

If the price is right, the Vernee M7 could replace the M5, which we also have in our best list below 200€. So far I only see the processor used as problematic, I would have wished for the P25, just as MediaTek is releasing the P40 and P70 this year, which will replace the predecessors. Apart from that, the design is of course a matter of taste, but definitely a contemporary trend. The manufacturer has also made improvements with regard to updates and support. At least that’s what they promised us at the fair.


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