T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro: Budget Laptop with dedicated GPU

If you are looking around the world of Budget China laptops, you will find mainly devices with Intel Celeron N3450 processor, which use the GPU integrated in the chip, in the price range between 200 and 300 Euro. These devices are well suited for surfing and simple work, but often reach their limits, be it through several open apps, GPU or script-heavy websites or more complex programs. The weak graphic design of the bottleneck is the most common and provides a jerky user experience.

The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro wants to solve this problem now and offers for only 297€ a very interesting equipment, which makes it at least on the paper clearly more attractive, than many N3450 based competitor products like for example the Chuwi Lapbook Air, which is by the way still somewhat more expensive. The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro is equipped with a dedicated GPU. This is a NVIDIA GeForce 920M. Of course this is not a high-end graphics chip, but that would also be overkill. The fact is, however, that the GeForce 920M is considerably more powerful than the Intel on-board graphics and will therefore ensure a much smoother use. The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro uses an Intel Celeron J3455 processor. In the Geekbench 4 multicore test, the Celeron J3455 achieves about 1400 points more and the single core performance is also significantly higher. At least in multi-core performance, you can get very close to a Core M3-7Y30, but the single-core performance is still clearly behind. The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro is actively cooled with supposedly two fans. A test must show how it looks with the volume.

The processor is supported by 6GB DDR3 RAM. Whether the RAM can be upgraded is not known. The data memory is 128GB and is based on flash memory. Unfortunately, it is not entirely clear whether it is eMMC memory or an SSD. There are contradictory statements. Many shops talk about an SSD, but you can also find marketing material from the manufacturer where both eMMC and an SSD are mentioned. However, an M. 2 SSD slot is available in any case.

The display of the T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro is 15.6″ in size and is based on an IPS LCD panel with anti-glare finish. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The laptop’s case is made of plastic, but still looks pretty chic. A metal housing was probably no longer feasible at this low price. The China laptop still weighs 1.9kg. Power is supplied by an 8,000mAh (7.4V = 59Wh) battery. The equipment with a view to the connections is very praiseworthy. The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro offers two USB 3.0 ports, a full USB type C 3.1 port with video out, an Ethernet port, a Mini HDMI port, an SD card reader and a 3.5mm headphone port. An AC-WLAN network card and Bluetooth 4.0 are available for wireless connection. In addition, there are integrated stereo speakers, a 0.3MP webcam and Windows 10 Home 64-bit as operating system.

The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro is currently on sale for $359.99. Delivery is scheduled to start at the beginning of March.

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