Xiaomi SmartMi Humidify color your life

Humidifiers have become fashionable. With the arrival of cold weather and the use of heaters, especially electric ones, the air dries excessively, causing dryness in the skin, nasal irritation, sore throat, etc. Humidifiers combat this effect by maintaining the relative humidity of our home at appropriate levels between 40-60%, especially indicated when there are minors or newborns at home.

We all remember the first intelligent humidifier that Xiaomi launched on the market under the SmartMi submarine, and we wondered if they would ever catch us again with a new model. Well, it seems that the answer is yes, and it was the same manufacturer who made an improved version. Read on and I’ll tell you what new features it incorporates. This second generation humidifier improves its efficiency up to 240 ml/h. It has 36 evaporation vanes that work in symbiosis with a rotating roller, forming an area of almost 2 m2 of an ultra thin layer of water.

Thanks to this active evaporation principle, we don’t have to worry about condensation or fog effect. It has an internal tank with 4L capacity and if the indicated water level is low, the user can reload it directly through the air outlet located at the top of the device. It has cross-flow fans powered by a DC motor that produces noise of only 34.3 dB and low power consumption of up to 8W. Its design allows electrical components and water tank to be kept separate. If the tank is removed while in operation, the built-in positioning sensor will automatically turn off the humidifier, preventing possible damage if a child gets his or her hands in.

On the other hand, unlike the previous model, it does not incorporate an ultraviolet light bulb for water purification, so we will have to clean it regularly to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. The new Smartmi humidifier is already included in the list of devices of the My Home application, from which we can control its operation, display the temperature and humidity data collected by its internal sensors and check the remaining water level at any time and place.

Its starting price in the Chinese market is only 65€, and very soon will be available on reseller websites with shipping to Spain, but at a higher price. What did you think of this new humidifier? Do you think it will lower the price of the previous version?

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