Bluboo S2 with folding camera at MWC 2018

While the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and the Doogee V are the obvious highlights, the manufacturer Bluboo probably surprised us the most. The Bluboo S2 is a smartphone with a folding camera!

Bluboo S2 Smartphone mit herausgeklappter Kamera

The Bluboo S1 was already eager to follow the design of the first Xiaomi Mi Mix. The Bluboo S2 reminds you of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which is mainly due to the 6 inch display with rather thin edges on all sides. Only the lower edge of the screen is slightly larger. This was due to the positioning of the front camera on this edge. Why Bluboo chooses this thicker edge of the screen remains a bit veiled to us, as no front camera is positioned there.

The fingerprint sensor moves to the back, directly underneath the camera. The most audacious copy is probably the lettering on the back:”Designed by Bluboo” reminds us very much of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (see picture). Our local gadget nerds have nevertheless found the quality and workmanship to be good!

However, the camera shows that Bluboo is also innovative and not just used by other manufacturers. It is foldable and can be used either as a main or front camera. In “normal” mode, it is on the back. If necessary, you can fold it up and get a front camera with the same camera quality as the main camera – very practical. This resolution is even 21 megapixels. Unfortunately, it has not yet been determined which sensor is in use. According to Alex, the quality was still rather modest, but the smartphone is still under development.

To be fair, it is important to mention that this concept is not so new. The Honor 7i has already solved it similarly. The Doogee Mix 3 will also be presented with a foldable camera.

The Spec sheet, i. e. the technical data, was already available on the MWC 2018 and gives a first insight into the performance of the Bluboo S2. The heart of the smartphone is the Helio P23 processor. This CPU is currently used in mid-range smartphones such as the Power 3 and Vernee X phones. With a maximum clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, the processor offers plenty of power. In terms of memory, you get either the cheaper 4/64 GB version or a more expensive 6/128 GB version.

A slight disappointment is the operating system. As of now, only Android 7.0 is pre-installed. This can change until release and would be desirable! But Bluboo is thinking of the important LTE Band 20 in Germany and an above-average large battery with a capacity of 4,200 mAh.

The Bluboo S2 is positioned somewhere between genius and madness. I love the already audacious copy of the Xiaomi lettering, but the idea with the camera is ingenious. This seems to be one of the trends this year. Doogee is also more experimental with the Doogee Mix 4. How good the camera is with a resolution of 21 MP remains to be seen. The other technical data also sounds good, although not outstanding.

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