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  • VIOMI 1.5L Vacuum Flask Portable Kettle for $47.18 @Gearbest

VIOMI 1.5L Vacuum Flask Portable Kettle for $47.18 @Gearbest

VIOMI Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Portable 1.5 L Kettle

I assure you that as soon as you discover the new 1.5 litre capacity Viomi thermos you will want to buy it. It is a thermos with a very attractive design in which you can have your drinks stored very cold or hot up to 12 hours. It is one of those accessories that I consider essential, as well as a great gift to surprise a friend or family member.

What do you do a lot? Don’t worry, we’ve already tasted the 480 ml Viomi. So if you’re looking for less capacity, it’s one of the best options to consider. And if this brand doesn’t ring any bells, stay calm, we know it well because we also taste the Viomi pitcher (take a look at it).

VIOMI Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Portable 1.5 L Kettle

Now let’s focus on this 1.5-litre Viomi thermos. What makes it so special? Why should I spend 38 euros to buy it? First of all, it stands out for its great capacity, so it is ideal for those long days or to share among several people and always have the drink at the desired temperature.

It has the characteristic of being portable, since it is easily manageable. It is practically the same size as its capacity, but has a very handy design and fits in any corner of your backpack.

One of the reasons that explain its price is the high quality of the materials. We have before us a quality stainless steel thermos flask. And it comes with a silicone plug. Both materials are totally optimal for health, so there’s nothing to worry about.

It has such strong insulation that it is resistant to any season of the year. What do you want to keep your drink cool in the summer? You’ll get it. What do you want to keep your drink warm during the winter? Same thing. It doesn’t matter what season you are in because you can use it all year round. Thermal/cold insulation is therefore guaranteed.

VIOMI Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Portable 1.5 L Kettle

It is therefore the perfect whim or perfect gift. If you usually travel a lot or need an optimal size thermos, which is quality, for many years and has a nice design, this Viomi option is the best we can find right now in the market. And like I said, it’s ideal as a gift. It doesn’t matter the age, because it is always used.

Although we found many thermos to buy, this is an interesting option. I personally love it. Yes, I think it’s a bit expensive, but if you take a good offer, I’m sure you’ll get it at a good price. Right now it costs 38 euros in GearBest, but I’ll leave you the link to make sure you’re okay with the parrot:

Buy VIOMI Vacuum Flask Portable 1.5L Kettle at GearBest.com

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