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Become a Jedi thanks to the augmented reality of Lenovo Mirage

Lenovo and Disney presented Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, the new game that offers an augmented reality experience linked to the Star Wars saga. The heart of the experience is the AR viewer Lenovo Mirage, combined with a tracking beacon and a laser sword controller, into which our smartphone is inserted.

The Lenovo Mirage viewer is compatible with different smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems. Your phone must be inserted inside a slide and connected with one of the supplied cables, depending on the type of connector present. Installed the App Star Wars Jedi Challenges Star Wars, you just need to wear the viewer and start the game experience.


In the eyes appear different game options, the first of which is the classic battle with laser sword during which we will fight against the characters of the dark side of the force. Not only this: the strategic combat mode will allow you to interact with a real battalion set on different planets. Holochess is finally the third game, a game with holographic chess that resumes what shown for the first time in Star Wars Episode IV.

The experience of the game is to say the least singular, very realistic especially in combat with the laser sword. The response of the sword is ready, without apparent lag phenomena: we feel immersed in a world that is the real world that surrounds us enriched by the characters of Star Wars, all the bad guys, against whom we are called to fight. The level of difficulty grows with experience but in general the impression is that of a great realism, but without the effect of complete isolation to which the virtual reality viewers lead. The peculiarities of augmented reality is just to show virtual objects built on the texture that is the environment in which we find ourselves.


Lenovo Mirage with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is already available for sale at a price of €199, including all the hardware you need except for your smartphone. Further information is available on the official website, from which you can purchase the bundle.

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