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ARCHOS Citee Connect, what is a scooter with Android for?

ARCHOS Citee Connect

Archos arrives at MWC 2018 with a very innovative product: the first scooter with Android, with a 100% French designation of origin. This is the ARCHOS Citee Connect, which together with the new ARCHOS Citee and ARCHOS Citee Power that will also be known in this Mobile World Congress, promise to take a step forward in the world of urban mobility.

The ARCHOS Citee Connect promises to become one of the most desirable vehicles of 2018. As a novelty, it incorporates a 5-inch touch panel with all the functions of a smartphone, thanks to the inclusion of Android Oreo as a standard operating system. It also has 8GB of flash memory and 1GB of RAM and, importantly, 3G connectivity to make it possible for you to be connected wherever you go.

But if we look at its use as a scooter, we find 8.5-inch wheels (with dimples to facilitate better suspension and puncture-proof), as well as an ergonomic handlebar to make our displacements comfortable. It also has a 250W motor and a 36V battery that assures an autonomy of more than 25 kilometers. Another very interesting aspect is that we can also extend the life of your battery by 15%, as it incorporates an energy recovery system with braking.

Another of our favorite features of this Citee Connect ARCHES is that it includes a reel lock in the chassis that can be remotely controlled with an app. What does this mean? That we can park our vehicle anywhere in the city and if a friend needs to use it, simply unlock from the app and you can take it.

If you liked the concept, be patient, as it is not available at the moment. We know that the ARCHOS Citee Connect will go on sale in the summer of 2018. Its recommended retail price will be 499.99 euros, a figure that does not seem high considering that it is a highly innovative European product with very interesting possibilities of use. In addition, if we decide to move around the city with this scooter instead of our car or public transport, we will save a lot on transport tickets or petrol, so the cost (if we are going to use it) is not exaggerated at all.

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