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Blackshark: New gaming smartphone from Xiaomi?

Not that Xiaomi already has some smartphones in the planning for this year (keyword: Xiaomi Mi 7, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S & Xiaomi Redmi Note 5). No, it seems that this year we also want to target the gaming smartphone market. This can be seen at least from a recently published screenshot of an AnTuTu benchmark with the name “Blackshark”.

Blackshark: New gaming smartphone from Xiaomi?

AnTuTu is a benchmark, an app that allows you to determine the computing power of your smartphone, which we also use in our tests. A screenshot showing the technical specifications of a smartphone called “Blackshark” appeared there. This points to Black Shark Technology, a smartphone manufacturer in which Xiaomi has invested. The device in question has the features you would expect from a current flagship smartphone. The core is the new Snapdragon 845 processor, which also fits into the new Samsung Galaxy S9. The CPU consists of eight cryo 385 cores, which can clock at a maximum of 2.8 GHz. In contrast to its predecessor, this gives an average of 25 percent more power.

In addition, this leak reveals that the Blackshark is equipped with a display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080p. Last year, manufacturer Razer released a gaming smartphone. A special feature of this was the 120 Hz display, which is especially suitable for gaming. It remains to be seen whether you can expect something similar from the Blackshark. The screenshot also shows the operating system: Android 8.0 seems to be pre-installed. Unfortunately, apart from the 8 GB RAM, only 32 GB internal memory is available, which is a little bit small for a gaming smartphone.

The result that the Blackshark gaming smartphone achieves in the benchmark is also interesting. The 270680 is a little bit higher than the new Samsung Galaxy S9, to put the whole thing into perspective: The OnePlus 5T tested by us reached a value of 176960 in the same benchmark.

With the Blackshark, Xiaomi is directly attacking rival Razer, who released their gaming smartphone in November last year. So far this niche is still quite untouched. It remains to be seen whether the leaks are true. But if you do, the Blackshark is sure to have an exciting device in the starting blocks. It is also unclear how big the difference to Xiaomi’s new flagship, the Mi 7, is. This should also appear with almost identical specs. What do you say to the Blackshark of Xiaomi? Would you be interested in such a gaming smartphone?

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