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The Snapdragon 855 of the Galaxy S10 will be manufactured in 7 nm

It’s just one week before we can get to know the new Samsung Galaxy S9, which will be presented on Sunday 25 February in the city of Barcelona. However, the first rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S10, this time related to its processor, have already started to come out. The South Koreans’ flagship in 2019 could be the American version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, which is already in the news due to the extreme thinness it will have.

If we were recently talking about the Snapdragon 845 or even the Snapdragon 850, we now leapfrog to a generation later to get to know the Snapdragon 855, Qualcomm’s 2019 processor that promises to revolutionize the market by being built in a 7 nanometer manufacturing process, a considerable reduction considering that we are now at 10 nm.

Of course, there are still few data available on this SoC and apart from its reduction in size (which also implies greater power and lower energy consumption), we have revealed that it will probably not be compatible with the 5G, something that misplaces us a bit considering that the market forecast is that in 2019 arrives the first smartphones with 5G.

Snapdragon 845

And if 7 nanometers are enough to become news and make us wait anxiously, we know that in the next few years we will have 3 nm processors. Of course, at the moment we don’t have dates or further indications, so it’s time to enjoy the Snapdragon 845 that is about to reach users and the future 7nm processors that are expected to stay with us for at least a couple of years, between 2019 and 2020.

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