Xiaomi Smartmi DNQ01ZM – Feel the warmth

On this very cold night, I offer you my stove… Something like that Xiaomi would say, since the first CHi Meters electric stove has just been announced in the store of the Chinese giant. This new appliance comes from the hand of SmartMi, an official partner of Xiaomi specialized in intelligent products that take care of our health.

We have already told you about this manufacturer in npirtube on at least a couple of occasions, with the analysis of the humidifier and the fan, one pass, especially this last one. And knowing beforehand that we are going to find a product with good finishes and a performance at the level expected, the best thing is to review the characteristics that incorporates this stove that make it different from the rest.

Compact white body and small dimensions (680 x 445 x 200 mm) that make it easily adaptable to any corner of the house.

Use the convection heating mode: the air is heated at the bottom of the device, then rises by transferring heat and as it cools up it descends downwards again. This creates a constant air circulation.

It is made of an alloy of iron, chrome and aluminium, which provides a fast heating, reaching a temperature of 120 º C in just 72 seconds.

Two power modes: 1000W and 2000W, i. e. low power consumption and high performance modes to meet different user requirements. Its operation is silent, with no sensation of air currents and noises due to mechanical vibration.

It has a double safety system: if it detects that the chassis temperature exceeds 85ºC, it automatically cuts off the power to avoid fires. In addition, if the device tilts more than 45° it will also switch off automatically to prevent risks thanks to its roll-over protection.

As for its price, it is not yet available in the usual reseller shops. But, considering that its starting price in the Chinese market is about 35€, we will have to pay approximately double. What did you think of this new stove? Are you missing any additional functionality such as wifi control?

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