eBeam Smartpen: The bridge between hardware and software

According to its inventors, eBeam’s smart pen is the last pen you will ever need. In fact, it is a multitasking product. But let’s take a closer look at what this clever pen can do. One thing is certain: Smartpen is the most appropriate name for the eBeam.


At first glance, the Smartpen looks like a modern ballpoint pen. However, you can easily change the refill from ballpoint pen to smartpen tip; we’ll explain what this is good for later. The shape is triangular and promises a pleasant ergonomic handling. As far as the colour is concerned, the Smartpen is probably only available in white, which contributes to its simple appearance (further colours will follow). But looking forward to the actually rather inconspicuous appearance, what he can do is really worth seeing – and that’s what we’re looking at now.

The meaning of the technology behind the Smartpen is quickly explained and yet innovative. The corresponding scanner records the movement of the pen tip and digitizes it in real time. This means that if you attach the scanner to a college block, for example, you can transfer your notes to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and convert them directly to a file without long waiting times. But not only written words, but also drawings can be processed in this way. This is especially interesting for inventors who want to exchange their latest ideas with each other without having to scan them.

ebeam stift

stift ebeam malen zeichnen schreiben

But the Smartpen can’t only be used on notepads or other paper. Simply swap the tip and place the scanner on the table top and it can be used like a graphics tablet. So you draw directly on the computer. This method is also very suitable for messengers to add a personal touch with handwritten messages via Whatsapp and Co.

You can find the sBeam Smartpen on Indiegogo, where you can support its developers until the beginning of March and secure the coveted Earlybird offers. Delivery is scheduled for March 2018. Unfortunately, however, shipping is only offered to the United States, so customers on the international market still have to wait a little longer. All those who have acquaintances or friends in the USA can secure the clever writing instrument for about 63 Euro and have it sent to them.


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