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Neffos C5A, a new budget smartphone will land soon!

If you follow us regularly, I’m sure you’re familiar with the name Neffos. The smartphone division of TP-Link has already passed through our hands on some previous occasions (We recall the review of our colleague David Garcia from Neffos C5 Max) and now returns to the market with a very humble smartphone that does not intend to surprise by features but probably for price, as we are used to the brand. We’re talking about Neffos C5A.

When we see that the screen is a 5 inch LCD with FWVGA resolution, we already smell that here we will not find anything remarkable. However, we can’t forget that not everyone has the same needs and I’m sure we know someone who is part of that audience who just wants the mobile phone to receive a couple of Whatsapps and call, that which most of us have already forgotten, but that prioritizes above all price.

The rest of its specifications, as we have mentioned, do not stand out at all: MTK6580M processor, 1 GB of RAM memory, 8 GB of internal storage (extendable by microSD up to 32 GB), 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera and 2,300 mAh battery. And watch out, because connectivity only reaches HSPA+.

For now, the company has revealed that its new Neffos C5A will arrive on the market in the coming months, without confirming an official launch date or price, but taking into account other models of the house, we expect around one hundred euros.

As you can see, a very modest smartphone (perhaps too much for our taste) but that will offer us a good price and the support of a brand like Neffos / TP-Link.

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