Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier 2 Review

Since Xiaomi Company started its first generation of Mi air purifier, they have pulled down the price of the entire industry. However, due to low prices, but also triggered a lot of questions. Less than a year later, Xiaomi has released the second generation of air purifier: Mi Air Purifier 2. Next, I will do a detailed test on its appearance, purification capabilities, noise and energy consumption.


Open the package, printed with an icon on the inner cardboard, and at first I did not notice that the power supply was inside the main unit.

Xiaomi air purifier inside the package are cushioned foam on both ends, the machine is also protected by a bag, the future as a dust bag is also very good.

Remove the Xiaomi air purifier 2, although previously known to be 40% smaller than the previous generation, originally thought it would be very compact, but see the real machine, the feeling is still quite large, the whole size: 240 * 240 * 520mm.

All products list: Air purifier, power cord, envelope, envelope with quick start guide, manual and warranty card.

The front design is very simple, there are three stall lights: automatic, sleep, favorite. Automatic file system is based on the current air quality, automatically adjust the wind speed; sleep mode in pursuit of quiet, the wind speed control is very low, but the purification capacity is also relatively reduced a lot; favorite mode APP side according to their needs to adjust the wind speed, wind speed Large, purification faster, but with the noise will be significantly increased, there are pros and cons.

Top outlet and power switch, next to the switch is wifi connection status indicator. The tuyere is facing upwards, causing the wind to rush from the ceiling to the ceiling and then to the room along the walls and into the entire room, creating an indoor circulation.

Although Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 has a weaker purification capacity than the first generation, it has also reached 330m⊃3/h.

There is an air quality indicator at the bottom of the front panel, with green, orange and red colors to indicate the current air quality.

Open the filter cover and filter replacement are very convenient, and there is a filter replacement instructions on the back of the back, which is more convenient than printed in the manual, are not afraid to lose.

Its filter cartridge door with anti-accidental open-cut design, if inadvertently opened the filter cartridge door is running, the machine will immediately stop functioning.

Cartridge is a core component of the air purifier, Xiaomi air purifier 2 and the United States used the first three air purifiers the same filter supplier. It has three filters to effectively clean the air in the floating layer and inhalable particles, the innermost activated carbon layer is more effective in removing formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the indoor environment.

There is a dust sensor in the back of the cover, because it uses an optical lens, will fouling for a long time, thus affecting the accuracy of the sensor, so six months or so need to use cotton swab clean time.

The top of the dust sensor also has a function key, in addition to adjusting the host light intensity (light, weak light, off), but also the filter and WiFI reset button, the specific methods are described in the manual, here is no longer winded.

Xiaomi air purifier 2’s power plug hidden in the bottom of the fuselage, plug in and feel very simple.

APP Introduction

The home page shows the current PM2.5 value, which is low at the beginning and takes a while to correctly detect the PM value. Pull up to the next page to see the temperature, humidity and filter remaining days such important data.


As an air purifier, we are most concerned about the problem is in the end there is no effect, how to purify. If using the system comes with air quality testing, is bound to make people doubt its accuracy, so this author uses third-party air testing equipment to verify the reliability of test data.

Since the beginning is in automatic mode, when the system detects the air quality is good, it will automatically reduce the speed, purification capacity also dropped seriously, no change in 2 minutes, so transferred to the favorite mode, and select full power, At this time purification capability has emerged, the last basic stability in the single digits.


If the air quality is poor, the motor speed is high, the noise at 50dB+, when the air quality down to the speed of about 40, but the full horsepower to reach more than 60dB, in airtight house really a bit noisy.

Through professional equipment testing, 41dB air quality in automatic mode, 37dB sleep mode, 66dB in the strongest mode, basically consistent with the professional data, except for the strongest mode, the noise is not large.

PS: hearing by ordinary people:

  • 0 – 20 dB: very quiet, hardly feel it
  • 20 -40 dB: Quiet, as if whispered softly
  • 40 -60 dB: Normal, indoor talk
  • 60 -70 dB: noisy, nociceptive

Where to buy

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