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ESON Style X9N – a true Wireless Stereo Speaker in Twin Pack

The, or better, the ESON Style X9N are compact Bluetooth speakers in the format of the ELE box or the JBL GO. However, a pair of the ESON Style X9N can simultaneously be used as a stereo speaker simultaneously.

Eson Style X9N TWS Speaker

With the Tronsmart Element T1 & Element T2 , the Tronsmart Mega or the Aukey AudioLink SK-A6 , we already had some Bluetooth speakers in the test, which could be connected via TWS. The big advantages of True Wireless Stereo are that two speakers usually produce better sound than a mono speaker. In addition, a lower volume is needed to sound a surface. This is a great advantage, especially in noise-sensitive environments.

With dimensions of 90 x 75 x 42 mm, the ESON Style X9N are the smallest TWS speakers we have ever presented. This makes them perfect for on the go, for example, to listen to music in the park or swimming pool with the partner, without disturbing anyone. With a 1000 mAh battery each, the loudspeakers should last about 6 hours at a volume of 80%. Recharging via micro-USB cable takes about 1.5-2 hours, depending on the socket adapter used.

Eson Style X9N TWS Speaker Buttons
The speaker has a total of five buttons and also a microphone is implemented, with which the speaker can be used as a speakerphone. If you are looking for a low-cost speaker for the road, you will get two speakers with the ESON Style X9N Bundle, which have some advantages as a stereo speaker compared to a single speaker. This is still in pre-sale.

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