Thomson has returned and will present 3 new smartphones at MWC 2018

Thomson in a brand that’s not very well known to tell the truth. In spite of this, they have a really interesting catalogue with which they are going to try to make a niche for themselves in this very competitive market. Today we review the firm’s commitment to MWC 2018 and its three star models… Would you like to meet them?

Not that we have much information on this manufacturer. The mobile phones that have been on the market in previous years were much more basic but this year have taken a good leap forward. More capable mobile phones at a very attractive price. Before going on, here is a list of the most important events of MWC 2018.

These are Thomson’s new 3 mobiles for the MWC

This French brand was not particularly well known for its mobile phones. Surely you will have some technological product of this brand but not smart terminals as such. As we have said before, MWC 2018 will be responsible for hosting this presentation alongside the largest. Without going any further Huawei will be at the MWC with all its new features.

Thomson Connect TH701

nuevos moviles thomson mwc 2018

This is the most interesting model from our point of view. In spite of being in a very competitive market segment, its battery (3200 mAh), frameless screen and double rear camera of 16 MP + 2 MP stands out. If we add all this to its price of 200 euros is a very good option.

We miss a Full HD screen although it is solved with an 18:9? panel with reduced frames. We also found quite a few details that are not typical of this range such as the Quick Charged C-type USB and Android Oreo with an unobtrusive layer. We will be at the MWC to test this model and the other two so don’t forget to visit us often!

Thomson Delight TH201

nuevos moviles thomson mwc 2018

In this case, we go down the category and place ourselves at 130 euros. This is a terminal that delivers what it promises at a very affordable price. 5-inch HD display, 4-core processor and 13 and 5 megapixel cameras. This model does not come with Oreo as standard and its battery is 2300 mAh, details that can certainly be more expensive.

Thomson Friendly TH101

nuevos moviles thomson mwc 2018

A basic mobile phone with an even lower price of 100 euros. This is a quick summary of this mobile phone that doesn’t look bad for users looking for more power. Its 5-inch HD screen and the fingerprint reader in the back is outstanding. Its main camera is 8 megapixels and has a 4-core processor… Will this brand be capable of eclipsing the Xiaomi event for MWC in some way?

These are the three Thomson models for the world’s most important mobile fair in Barcelona. The most striking model is the Connect, which has a really interesting balance. Also, some of the details of the higher ranges are obvious, do you think they will fit in? We think so, yes. Finally, we leave you with the 5 most important flagships of the MWC.


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