JJRC H39WH CYGNUS Foldable RC Quadcopter Review

JJRC H39WH has special foldable arms and powerful 820 coreless motors, making it as elegant and perfect as a swan. That is why it is named after Cygnus. After soaring into the air, CYGNUS uses the WiFi camera to transfer 720P HD real-time aerial view to your smartphone when it is hovering steadily at a certain height. The little cygnet-like UAV can also be controlled by your phone.

JJRC H39WH drone


Although JJRC is one of the better-known brands in Chinese online shops regarding drones, the devices are not high-quality. The plastic feels cheap, the joints crack when the arms fold out and the engines are not brushless. And I do not expect much from the camera before testing. That sounds pretty negative now, but if the drone is fun I do not really care. That’s why we go directly to the test flight.

JJRC H39 drone engine

The controller is … ok . Not more, not less. Altitude Hold works fine. The drone initially leaned very forward, which could be solved with the trimming buttons but completely. For my taste, she is a little too slow even at tempo level 3, and she’s pretty hard on wind anyway. Somehow it does not make me fly * click *, fun did not quite come up.

JJRC H39WH drone flight blue sky

It is a pity that the weak camera was added. Without them, the price would have been a bit lower, and the Cygnus would not have to be blamed for not being a 100% video or stunt drone. It does not fly badly if you really wanted to film with her – which you probably will not do (see below in the camera section).


Overall, I do not like the remote control that much. The keys are all easily accessible and the sticks have a pleasant resistance. Overall, however, it is not as good in shape as other models because of its shape. In the middle of a smartphone can be clamped as a display. This holds up well enough due to the strong spring inside, however, the remote control is thereby quite wide, and feels a bit unnatural in the hands.

JJRC H39 drone remote control

The range is specified at over 100 meters, and on my flights there were no disconnections. The distance is more than sufficient anyway, you will not fly 100 meters without the FPV function, and the WiFi signal for video transmission will not be more than 30 meters.

JJRC H39 drone remote control

But she does her job, and apart from the feel, I do not really have anything to complain about. But that just makes up a large part of the rating. Both handles fit two AA batteries , which are required for operation.


The modular camera can be infected on the underside of the drone. In addition, you must then attach the two feet so that the H39 can start properly. From the promise of a HD camera with 720p but you should not be fooled. Too many times I have seen comparable cameras whose recordings were not useful.

JJRC H39 drone camera

To be honest, the photos are not as bad as I feared. The photos / videos are recorded in 1MP / 1280 x 720p and are accordingly sharp. Many details of the images are not visible, textures appear muddy, especially in the middle of the picture.

Videos suffer from the well-known problem that the picture flickers strongly, which manifests itself mainly in horizontal lines throughout the picture. This is due to the lack of gimbal, which would otherwise compensate for the drone’s vibrations. When moving the drone and thus the camera also tends very strong, which in the video every time very disturbing. So the recordings are not really useful.

JJRC H39WH 720p Camera Town HallJJRC H39WH 720p camera Rathaus Galerie Leverkusen


Even if neither in the packaging nor in the shop nor in the instructions to read it, of course, an app, if you want to stream the video of the camera on the phone. However, a quick search in the App Store leads you to the JJRC app ( Android / iOS ) that works with the drone. We know that from many other JJRC drones, also here it works as usual, even if it looks visually outdated.


Turn on the drone, search for the wireless signal of the drone via smartphone, connect, start the app. You do not have to do anything, you already see the picture on the smartphone screen. Here you can take pictures and view the recordings, but also control the drone completely via smartphone. But it is easier with the remote control.


There are a whole handful of items, most of which are optional. To fly you need of course the battery, which must be charged with the USB cable before. If you fly with camera, the two feet must be infected, and to protect the rotors, the four protectors can be screwed with the enclosed screwdriver. Instead of the usual four, there are only two spare rotors here.

Buy JJRC H39WH at GearBest.com for $47.59


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