Xiaomi launched a new convection heater with the sub brand Smartmi


Yesterday we were talking about the 3 products that would be launched today by Xiaomi company, so here we will talk about the first product officially launched with the sub brand: Smartmi, which is basically in the heating category, and that is on the market with a price of 269 yuan ($42). Basically, we are talking about a new convection heater, which will be available for sale on the company’s e-commerce platform from tomorrow, February 7th.

This thermoconvector proposed by Smartmi uses the classic conventional heating mechanism that avoids waste of heat by exploiting convective air movements, which, once heated, exits through a ventilation duct while the cold air pressure flows through the room. This product comes with two heating modes, which are 1000 W or 2000 W of power, with the ability to switch from one function to another at any time without having to turn off the convector.

In particular, the 1000 W mode is equivalent to saying that the heat generated will serve to maintain the heat present inside the room, and will become a small aid to other elements that generate heat. On the other hand, the 2000 W high-power mode allows you to efficiently heat the room in which you are in by setting different ambient modes.

The convection heating appliance launched by Xiaomi comes equipped with an effective safety system that allows automatic shutdown of the appliance when high temperatures are reached that could trigger a fire, but also when the roller inside the appliance exceeds 45 degrees inclinations.

At the moment, no further information about this product has been leaked and, therefore, there is no doubt about the presence or intelligent functions that can be managed through the application of a smartphone. In any case, this Xiaomi device has a depth of 200 mm and a height of 455 mm, coming in the classic white color that allows a great integration with all household appliances of the ecosystem Mi Home, perfect for a home made in Xiaomi.


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