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Blackview BV5800 Pro, a smartphone at MWC 2018 with a powerful battery

Blackview has already accumulated several amazing smartphones on the market. The most popular hitherto have been oriented to the roaring segment, and that is that the company not only offers strength but also quality and performance. However, almost all of them have broad characteristics when compared to the category for which they were budgeted. Therefore, it goes without saying that we will find it in the MWC 2018 that is about to be celebrated. In fact, it is one of the Chinese brands from which great surprises are expected.

Blackview has confirmed that they and their great devices will be present at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, which starts on February 26th. The most exciting thing? Information has been leaked which ensures that it apparently has great ads to make! The news refers specifically to the fact that the company will present some more recent models with special features. Among them would be the BV5800 Pro, A20, P6000 Plus, P10000 Pro the two versions: material in glass and leather, among others. In addition, they will carry some models to be sold as hot cakes: the BV9000 Pro, the BV8000 Pro, the P6000, the Blackview S8 and many others that until now have been a mystery.

The company shared information about its latest roaring phone: Blackview BV5800 Pro. Details are still scarce at this time, but it will be a smartphone that could fully meet the needs of many people for battery life. As far as we know, it will feature a large 5180 mAh battery, 18: 9 aspect ratio display and support dual 4G network. Better yet, you’ll be equipped with a wireless charge that can make your phone fully charged for half an hour and two hours. Watch a preview in the next video:

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