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Original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

One of Xiaomi’s newest and most sensational creations is the Xiaomi Air Purifier, an intelligent air purifier that is capable of cleaning up to 10000 liters of air per minute or the same thing as purifying the air of a room up to 48 square meters.

This Xiaomi air purifier maintains the usual aesthetics of Xiaomi’s products, carefully finished finishes made of quality materials and capable of offering good performance, which is also an intelligent model that we can control from the phone itself. We will receive the purifier inside a well cared package as usual in Xiaomi, it is protected by cork and covered by a cloth bag to protect you from fingerprints and dirt, next to the purifier you will find the warranty card and user manual, which contains the QR code to download the application for Android devices. To connect the purifier to it, you just need to put the power cable, with dimensions of 52 cm high and 24 cm wide and 24 cm deep, this purifier has an attractive design, in the shape of a tower whose fan is located at the top of it. In the upper left corner there are three LEDs that indicate the automatic active mode so that it is regulated automatically increasing or decreasing the fan revolutions; the night mode that turns it into a silent device that allows cleaning up to 330 cubic meters per hour with a sound of just 40dB, or the health mode that puts it to work at maximum performance and can thus clean up to 380 cubic meters per hour.

Inside the Xiaomi Mi Air purifier is the hidden filter behind a small door that gives access to the inside, and behind the grid is the filter particles made by Sharp that should be cleaned from time to time using a cleaning swab, the application will tell you when it is time to do this process. Its filter has a cylindrical shape and is composed of three layers, with it you will eliminate up to 99.9% of the pollution particles and formalheiders, eliminating dust, fibers or even pollen from the environment will be trapped in its first layer of grid, in the second layer is a HEPA filter while the last one is composed of activated carbon that will help us eliminate bad smells.

On the upper side is located the fan of 20 centimeters that is responsible for generating the air flow to clean it, this air purifier is perfect for all types of users, but especially for those who are prone to suffer from allergies or live in heavily contaminated areas, because by purifying their environment will be able to breathe much better and reduce asthma attacks, allergies or similar. A purifier that maintains an excellent price-performance ratio, makes little noise at night and is equipped with an advanced triple-layer filter for efficient and long-lasting performance.

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