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Huawei P20: triple camera, notch and borderless display

The new series of top-of-the-range Huawei smartphones will arrive at a specific event on March 27th and finally you will understand what the Chinese company has in mind of proposing to its users for the future. If on the technical specifications something has already appeared on the Net what had not yet been shown was about the design that the next Huawei P20 will possess. Finally, the first image of a hypothetical prototype of Huawei P20 appeared on the Net, which seems to want to change the cards on the table and align itself with the competition especially for some specifications.

In this case, what you see in the images could really be the new Huwei P20 coming on March 27th. The image immediately pays tribute to the display and the important change that the Chinese company could bring to the new generation of its smartphones. We talk clearly about the presence of a full-screen panel with reduced frames, but above all about the presence at the top of the notch that made Apple users talk so much.

Huawei could now also propose it in his new Huawei P20 in a version, but it has been redesigned especially in terms of size, since the images are much smaller than those of Apple. Clearly, you don’t attach importance to the rugged cover that covers the device that is placed on your smartphone just to hide what will actually be the design of Huawei’s new flagship phone.

The so-called “notch” of the new P20 shows a double camera, but it is not yet possible to know its operation and therefore whether it will be used only for the selfie or whether, instead, as probable, it will be used to scan the face in a new generation system for unlocking the device.

In addition to this novelty, it is easy to observe a display with the new form factor 18:9 that seems to reduce the frames even more than with the current Huawei Mate 10 Pro, especially at the top. At the rear there is a double camera made this time in a style similar to that of Apple with its iPhone 7 and 8 Plus. Nothing is known about its operation and, above all, whether it will continue to cooperate with Leica.

What is most of all, however, putting the Net in turmoil is the cover image of the new Huawei P20 Plus that could even have not one, not two but three cameras at the rear. Yes, three sensors placed one below the other vertically with the presence of flash and a laser focusing sensor. The technical specifications and operation of this “triad” of photographic sensors are not revealed.

Huawei still seems to want to change the cards on the table and the new P20 series is ready to launch the challenge to the various Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ but also to Apple’s iPhone X. The solo event scheduled for March 27th is proof of this and therefore we can only wait to really understand what the new Huawei P20 will have.

Via: hwupgrade

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