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Koolnee K1 is the first smartphone of this new brand of Chinese smartphones: in order not to be mistaken design, Koolnee has created a sort of clone of the Samsung S8. However, compared to the classic clones, it has been pleasant to use despite some defects typical of smartphones in this price range. Here is our complete review!


The design is obviously copied from that of the Samsung S8 and also the layout of the headphone jack, sim rack and USB port (which is a micro USB, not a Type-C) is the same. The result is however very good, the screen occupies a large part of the front and the assembly is accurate and of good quality. The backside looks like glass but is made of plastic with a beautiful light effect enhanced by this blue color (the koolnee k1 is also available in black and gold). The metal frame, however, helps to increase the weight to 217 grams.


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In addition to your smartphone, the box contains a 5V to 1A charger, a special red micro USB cable, a pin for the SIM cart, a transparent cover and a film for the screen.


The hardware equipment is the same as that already seen in many mid/mid/low end smartphones. Good RAM and internal memory (not very fast) are provided with good RAM, a little less sensor equipment (it is missing compass, gyroscope and orientation sensor). Unfortunately, the notification LED is also missing.

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6750T 1.5Ghz Octa Core
  • RAM: 4Gb
  • MEMORY: 64GB + Micro SD (shared slot with second NANO SIM)
  • PHOTOCAMERE: 13MP (interpolated to 16MP) + 2.0 MP with Sony IMX135 sensor
  • SIM: Dual SIM (Nano + Nano)
  • SCREEN: 6.01″ FHD PLUS
  • BATTERY: 3970 mAh
  • OS: Android 7.0
  • WEIGHT: 217 grams


The screen is the best feature of this Koolnee K1. The colors are brilliant, the viewing angle is good and the edges are well optimised.


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Good reception and above-average audio quality of smartphones in this category with high volume and clear, clean voice. The SIM card can accommodate either 2 NANO SIM cards or alternatively 1 NANO SIM + 1 MICRO SD.

On the other hand, under tone the wifi reception with values below average but no problem in the vicinity of the wifi router.


The ROM, based on Android 7, is clean and light. The good optimization of the ROM makes the Koolnee K1 run very well despite an internal memory not very high performance that penalizes the loading times of the Apps.
The ROM also includes the unlocking through FACE UNLOCK well implemented even if not very fast but certainly better than the fingerprint reader that is slow and unreliable.


The Sony IM135 sensor camera produces medium to low quality shots, but without any problems:


The absence of the compass and gyroscope penalizes the experience of using it with navigators even if the GPS signal level is not bad at all:



The battery is a 3190mAh that guarantees the use of your smartphone for a day with only a very moderate use. While on the one hand there is almost no standby power consumption, on the other hand, during intense use like in 3D games the battery drops rapidly. In our playback test of a Youtube video under wifi network and 75% brightness totaled 4? hours of screen on:


Antutu Point

The Koolnee K1 scored almost 50000 points on Antutu:


Where to buy

Buy KOOLNEE K1 at GearBest.com for $158.41


The Koolnee K1 is the first device of the new Chinese manufacturer. In our test it makes a mixed impression, but also shows potential. The fast system, which delivers an amazing speed despite the low price, deserves a special mention. What's more, the frameless 4D display is a real eye-catcher, which is also rarely seen in this price range. The camera also performs well overall. However, there are also some downsides to the device. The system is not 100% mature. Unfortunately, it was not possible to change the standard launcher and there is an annoying buzzing during video recordings. In addition, the display glass was completely destroyed in our test by a slight fall. So it is better to use the Koolnee K1 with a protective cover. Another point of criticism is the battery life. Those who rarely take their smartphone to hand will still manage with so little runtime. However, most of the few users will not reach for a 6 inch mobile phone either.

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