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Android 9 P, the first beta for developers is coming soon

Usually Google releases the first preview versions of the new Android in the early part of spring, and it seems that tradition will not fail this year. In a page of the documentation dedicated to the Android Open Source Program repository, you can read the message “The future is now (2018 edition)”, which suggests that the company has already begun preparations for the release of the very first versions of Android 9 P.

This is a first weak clue that does not let anything leak out on the new version, and that could also be linked to another product or service. Usually the first preview version of Android is published without notice, with Google that is able to surprise even the most informed insiders of the U. S. blogosphere with its timing. The very first versions also don’t say much about the novelties.

This is because they don’t implement all the features, and they represent only a first basis for the novelties that will be gradually integrated with the following releases. Google has already officially announced the dates of Google I/O 18, which will take place from 8 to 10 May, and of course Android 9.0 will be one of the most important announcements. According to a puzzle that has released the company, the name of the next version could be Pineapple Pie.

At the time of writing we can only make assumptions, especially because of the ability that Big G has to make users and professionals believe in things that are then regularly denied. The first news of Android 9 comes several months after its supposed release to the public, which will not happen – according to the company’s typical plans – before the second half of the year. To date, however, few devices have been updated in Oreo.

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