Xiaomi Xprint AR: Nice gimmick

Xiaomi has again introduced a new gadget that fits best into the category “nice gadget”. The Xiaomi Xprint AR is a compact photo printer measuring 133 x 80 x 27 and weighing 237g. This can be used to print photos from your smartphone, but they only have a size of 54 x 86mm and a resolution of 291 x 294 pixels. The connection to the smartphone is established via Bluetooth and NFC. The Xiaomi Xprint AR not only supports the company’s own smartphones, but also all Android devices from Android 5.0 onward and iOS devices from iOS 9.0 onward.

The actual highlight of the Xiaomi Xprint AR is already indicated by the suffix “AR”. Images taken with the app are linked to a short video of the moment. If you then hold the printed photo in the camera of the smartphone, the image is superimposed with the video moment. So it looks like there’s a video on the photo. Certainly, all this does not offer any real use in everyday life, but it is definitely a nice way to capture memories.

The Xiaomi Xprint AR costs about 51€. The required photo paper costs 5,10€ per pack of 20. So this is not a really cheap “printing pleasure” considering the image size. The gadget will be available in China on March 12th.

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