The new phone Doogee Mix 3 with Slide?

We have seen several interesting smartphone concepts from Doogee in the last weeks. There’s the “Doogee Slide” with a real front panel display, as well as the alleged Doogee Mix 3 with pop-out camera. The latter was not officially announced by Doogee yet, but was only to be seen in the form of a leak on slashleaks. Only the Doogee slide was officially teasered, but no details are known yet. The final name is also unknown.

Now another leak has been released on Slashleaks, claiming that the Doogee Mix 3 is the Doogee Slide. This would mean that the smartphone with pop-out camera is a different model. The new photos show the alleged Doogee Mix 3 / Doogee Slide very detailed. However, the design is very different from what you’ve seen on the official renders and from what a dummy’s video showed. The smartphone seems to be made of metal, but at least of silver matt plastic. The basic concept was retained as on the previously published materials. The Doogee Mix 3 / Doogee Slide consists of two parts arranged one above the other, which can be pushed apart to the top. The rear part houses the classic smartphone and is pushed out behind the display unit. The display unit consists of a display that is almost borderless on all sides. Sensors, front camera and phone receiver are located on the actual smartphone unit and become visible and usable only when the two parts are pushed apart.

What’s striking is that you don’t see a fingerprint sensor. Apparently, Doogee wants to use an in-screen fingerprint sensor here. A hint to this is given in the second picture below. A print can be seen on the screen.

Via: Slashleaks

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