FY3D – Z1 Holographic Display LED Fan Advertising Machine

Admittedly, it’s not exactly the holograms you know from science fiction, and the technology is not really affordable. Nevertheless, these mobile “holograms” look quite good, even though the trick is actually a very simple one.

 FY3D - Z1 Holographic Display LED Fan Advertising Machine Creates Illusion of 3D Hologram Graphic AC 100 - 240V

Main Features:
● Brand new advertising display for a shopping mall, cloth store, restaurant, museum and any other display area.
● Just simply copy any black background video into it, it will bring a vivid 3d advertising display in the air.
● The image has no borders and backgrounds and makes you feel it completely appears in the air.
● Display support format: MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG with a black background.
● Use 42cm LED fan to have a 42 cm length holographic effect. Software compatible with Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.
● Comes with a controller to remotely control the display. controller powered 1 L1028 27A 12V alkaline dry battery ( included )

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In idle mode, the device reminds of a fan. It consists of a motor and a rotating element on which a total of 224 individual LEDs are mounted in a row. If the arm turns and the LEDs light up, a picture can be displayed. Due to the fast rotation, the rotor itself is no longer visible and the image seems to float in space, creating the impression of a hologram. Basically, this is nothing else than this LED fan in bigger and better.

GearBest shows how this looks like in action in this short summary. On YouTube you can find several videos showing the holograms, and especially moving pictures and animations are quite futuristic.

To feed the projector with video material, it must be connected to a PC. According to the description, a video clip with a black background is sufficient,

Incidentally, the projector is primarily designated as advertising space for retailers. In Asia, where colorful neon signs play a much bigger role than in Europe, it is likely to find potential customers faster than in Europe. With 250 Euros, it is only for private use or entertainment and not a cheap purchase anymore, and for most people, an acquisition is not a realistic option.

 FY3D - Z1 Holographic Display LED Fan Advertising Machine Creates Illusion of 3D Hologram Graphic AC 100 - 240V

However, the price is no longer so high that it would seem unimaginable that in the near future no affordable model could be created. Now all you need is a purpose to get the projectors into your home. As a television replacement, they are only of limited use if the wind is blowing against you all the time. Yeah, it’s still too expensive. But how do you see that? Expensive gimmickry or cool technology, in which we hope to invest even more?

Buy FY3D – Z1 at GearBest.com


  1. Good day,
    We are a fim from Serbia and we are marketing, we are interested in the price for HOLOGRAPHIC 3D ADVERTISING MACHINE model Z3, which is the price and whether it can be used for outdoor use


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