NO.1 F5 Sportwatch Review

The Chinese company NO. 1 always produces new devices very quickly, embracing multiple categories, from bracelet to elegant watches, including low cost and sports watches. We find very valid products interspersed with others a bit disastrous, especially with regard to the different apps associated with using wearables. Well, today we try this No. 1 F5, a super light Sportwatch! See this in our full review.


The box is always the same with the smartwatch inside, the magnetic usb/pin cable for charging and a multilingual manual.

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The design of the Chinese company is immediately recognizable, very similar to the watches of the G family. Although it has a classic look, it has soft lines and at the same time tapered and then those visible screws give it an appearance suitable for outdoor use. The frame is made of carbon fiber (at least so it is declared by the house) while everything else is a mix of high quality plastics, even to the touch. As the manufacturer used to do, this No. 1 F5 is well assembled and built. Also in this model the strap is made of rubberized and well made silicone, of good length but above all replaceable, which allows us to further customize our sportwatch.

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Starting from the front of this No. 1 F5 inside the main ring nut we find a 0.95 inch OLED display with 96×64 pixel resolution covered by a third generation Gorilla Glass glass. In the upper part above the word “sport” there is a touch for the management of functions. Turning to the right side, where we can see three-dimensional design, we find two classic physical buttons. With one we switch the device on and off and use it as a key to go back between the menus, while with the other we select the various functions. The left side is smooth while passing to the rear, made of plastic, the cardio sensor is installed in the centre with the two pins on the side for charging.

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The datasheet consists of a Nordic processor (NRF52832) with 64 Kb of ram and 512 Kb of memory, integrated gps and bluettoth support in version 4.2. We can use the altimeter, thermometer and barometer to calculate altitude, temperature and atmospheric pressure and the heart rate sensor for our beats and physical effort. It completes all this with a 350 mAh battery that declares a 3-week battery life of classic use or 12 hours of continuous GPS and IP 67 certification that helps us with splashes of water and light dust. Finally the dimensions that are of:

  • Case: 5.3 cm high x 4.4 cm wide (3.3 cm internal radius) and a thickness of 1.3 cm.
  • Total length with strap 25.5 cm
  • Weight: 40g

The various functions scroll with the touch and are selected with the highest key:

Pedometer -> we check the steps, calories and meters travelled

Heart Sensor -> We measure the beat in real time and we can display the graph of the last hours.

Notifications -> we find the center that notifies us of calls, messages and almost all notifications.

Temperature -> We measure the outside temperature.

Atmospheric pressure -> We measure the external pressure

Altitude -> We measure height

Sport -> we can select the sport activity before starting it among those available that are: walking, running, cycling, climbing, badminton, football, basketball and tapirulane.

Settings -> In addition to seeing the various results of individual sports we can see sleep, sedentary and set the automatic brightness, gps the vibration etc..

no.1 f5 gancio.jpg

The last time No. 1 sent us a leisure device (the smartband F4) we were a bit disappointed by the lack of compatibility between devices and apps. With this No. 1 F5 this is not the case so it is already a point in its favour!

Ever since it arrived, the watch has amazed us with its lightness and featherweight when worn. Construction as well as assembly are excellent: good quality in both materials and construction. The strap is then interchangeable, soft and with good grip.

It’s not all roses and flowers, guys: our specimen seems to be not working properly, every now and then it’s bustle, so take this review with the pliers.

The overall measurements (steps, calories and meters travelled) are averaged so as most of these wearable slightly above the real, while the measurement of sleep quality is discreet. The heart sensor, on the other hand, shows a good count in normal state while in various sports it tends to underestimate beats or, in any case, not to be so fast in changing rhythm. This is also the case for temperature, altitude and atmospheric pressure, which need time to stabilise on real-hearted values.

The GPS is slow in fix (5 minutes) and sometimes we disable it by mistake with the touch, sensitive to contact with the sleeves of our garments. Let’s therefore postpone some testing to when the temperature will allow us to use sleeveless.

We move on to notifications and calls that are correctly reported, which cannot be answered as a sportwatch but which we cannot display correctly with all apps. In fact, messages can be read while multiple notifications of whatsapp, telegram and social networks are reported and sufficient.

The display is always clearly visible in all conditions, eye to touch that if it gets dirty becomes a bit difficult to use while the bluetooth 4.2 connects without any problems to Android devices (from 4.4) and IOS (from 9.0) and is also stable. IP 67 certification, which helps us outdoors, is highly appreciated. The battery in our tests has reached a week of normal use.

Ultimately a sportwatch with good functions and well done. It has plausible measurements despite taking some time and interfaces well with the app, has a good range, is durable and the screen is always perfectly illuminated: characteristics that make it suitable for amateur sportsmen.


The app related to this No. 1 F5 is called “HPlus Watch” and can be easily downloaded from the Apple store and Play Store. It’s made in pages as we are used to and is easy and intuitive even if it is not translated very well.

no.1 f5 app.jpgno.1 f5 app2.jpg


Buy NO.1 F5 at for $48.99


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