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DJI Mavic Air is a mix drone of Mavic Pro and Spark

DJI Mavic Air drone

The date had already been announced in advance, on Tuesday it was time and DJI has presented the new DJI Mavic Air to the public. In many ways, the new drone is located exactly between the two models Mavic Pro and Spark. This already starts with the design: The foldable arms of the two drones only the Mavic Pro, visually reminds the Mavic Air with the white headgear rather to the Spark. In terms of size, it also arranges itself in the middle, even if it is closer to the Spark with dimensions of 168 × 83 × 49 mm in the folded state.

The camera has inherited them from the Mavic Pro and can record videos in 4K resolution – but “only” with 30 frames per second. The Mavic Air can record videos in Full HD with up to 120 fps, which makes it possible to create slow motion videos. A 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor allows photos with 12 megapixels, in addition, the Mavic Air has the ability to shoot spherical panoramic shots. A total of 25 shots are taken in 8 seconds, which are then assembled into a 32 MP panorama.

DJI Mavic Air drone camera

In terms of speed, the Mavic Air will be DJI’s fastest drone to date. In sports mode, it is up to 68.4 km/h fast. The range of the drone amounts to according to data of DJI up to four kilometers. A smooth flight should also be possible at 5000 m above sea level.

Like the Spark, the Mavic Air also supports the control of hand gestures, which should have been further optimized here. In addition, the drone will have improved collision detection in three directions and fly around obstacles independently – A total of seven cameras make it possible. FlightAutonomy 2.0 calls DJI the visual system that makes flying as safe as never before. Like the other two drones, the Mavic Air DJIs FPV glasses support ” DJI Goggles “.

DJI – Mavic Air – Introducing the Mavic Air video

Technical specifications

Surname DJI Mavic Air
Dimensions 168 × 83 × 49 mm (folded in)
Weight 430g
Battery pack 21 minutes flight time
Camera Photos: 12 MP
Videos: 4K @ 30 fps ; Full HD @ 120 fps
Speed up to 68.4 km/h
Features 8 GB of internal memory (expandable with SD card); 3-axis gimbal; Gesture control; 32 MP sphere panoramas; collision detection
Price 849€

Also at the price DJI finds pretty much the middle between the previous models. The Mavic Air costs 849€, plus there is another Fly More combo, which costs 1172 €. For comparison: The Mavic Pro costs 1199 €, the Spark to last 599€ at DJI. The drone is now available at DJI and available in white or black or red. The Fly More Combo currently costs 1049 €. As soon as the first Chinese online shops have the drone in their assortment, we will let you know. We expect the price there to be slightly lower again.

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