Top 10 Chinese iPhone X clone: Tim Cook will be silent

As one of the most watched mobile phones in 2017, iPhone X has aroused the concern of many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers. In its sales less than six months time, the market appeared in a large number of cloned version of iPhone X. Curious? Then I will introduce you in detail.

Top 1: Oukitel  U18

Oukitel has introduced a 10000mAh battery cell phone and plans to launch a new iPhone X-like phone at the end of January: named Oukitel U18. It comes with a 5.85-inch HD+ screen with amazing 21: 9 ratio, and a 4GB + 64GB storage combination.

In appearance, the radiance of the Oukitel U18 is different from iPhone X. U18 uses a smaller R angle, chin retained.  And even more amazing is that the back actually similar to Huawei Mate 10 Pro and up to 90%, in addition to the different dual-camera style, the other appearances can be true.


Shenzhen manufacturer UMiDIGI is plotting a black technology products: UMIDIGI Z2, the highlight is the combination of iPhone X shape and under the screen fingerprint. According to the renderings, the proportion of its screen is quite high, and the size of the chin is also very close to iphone X. However, it is not yet clear when it is released.

Top 3: Doogee V

Many people may remember, Doogee has been modeled Xiaomi MIX. Now they are also working on a clone iPhone X phone that supports fingerprints on the screen, eventually named Doogee V. According to the exposed renderings, Doogee V uses a mix of Apple and Samsung designs.

Doogee V has a 6.2-inch 18: 9 AMOLED screen, MediaTek Helio P40 eight-core processor, supplemented by 6 + 128GB storage, dual 16MP front + dual 21MP rear camera combination. Price is about 300-350 US dollars, will be sold in April or the end of May this year.

Top 4: Ulefone X

Ulefone launched Ulefone MIX 2, a combination of the Xiaomi MIX 2 and iPhone X. Recently there is news exposure Ulefone intends to launch a mobile phone Ulefone X, currently only know that this product may support 3D facial recognition.

Top 5: BlackView X

Recently, a full-screen cellphone rendering of BlackView like iPhone X was exposed. From the appearance of the machine, it canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, 8.5mm thickness can be quite satisfactory. However, the back of the camera shape and iPhone X is still different.

Top 6: Leagoo S9

Recently, Leagoo will release its full screen new machine S9. The phone uses a nearly rectangular design in the bangs. The fingerprint key on the back is just as impressive as the OPPO R11s.


BLUBOO upcoming new phone: BLUBOO X. The proportion of screens in the rendered image is fairly close to the Apple iPhoneX, and it also features a dual-camera model with a centered back, though it looks awkward because the camera is too large.

Top 8: Boway Notch

In December 2017, Boway launched Notch, its profiled screen series. The Notch is actually a “bangs” alien slot in the foreign population, which can only be said to have become very high after the name was changed into English. The back of the more conventional circular fingerprint key, and provide the iPhone X does not have a red body.

Top 9: Hotwav Symbol S3

In October 2017, Hotwav unveiled the Hotwav Symbol S3, a new iPhone-like form factor, at Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show. Its back cover with 2.5D + mirror design, Xiaomi, Huawei, 360 and other manufacturers have also used the bright silver process.

The phone has a 6-inch HD + 18: 9 screen, MediaTek MT6739 and MT6592 dual SoC version, 2GB + 16GB storage, dual 5MP front + dual 13MP rear, 2900mAh battery, preloaded Andrews 8.0 system.

Top 10: Xiaolajiao S11

At the China Mobile Global Partner Conference in November 2017, Xiaolajiao introduced S11. It claims to have a “full screen ID,” and “bangs,” like Hotwav, are actually just furnishings that are less technologically savvy than other companies that just keep their chin.

Configuration, Xiaolajiao S11 with a 5.5-inch 720P resolution screen, equipped with 1.3Ghz quad-core processor, 1GB / 2GB / 3GB of memory, 16GB / 32GB / 64GB of storage space, dual dual 5MP front depth camera, rear 8MP + 13MP dual camera, built-in 2500mAh battery.

For cloned cell phones, people have different attitudes toward it. Some people like to follow the trend, some people think that should not follow suit. However, existence is reasonable. I believe there will be more iphone X clone phones coming out later.


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