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Google Clips: FCC approval passes the life logging camera with AI closer

During the presentation event of its news in October, Google had also shown a small Google Clips video camera, very similar to the thousands of camera lifelogs on the market. The difference, according to Google, however, was inside the camera: thanks to artificial intelligence should be several steps ahead of what has been seen in recent years. We have seen several waves presented as an object that can revolutionize the way we record our memories, but then turn out to be too sudden enthusiasm, because of photos and videos distorted, or too long or too short, taken in the middle of the right moment or even too late.

In this case the artificial intelligence should take care of everything, recognizing the faces that meet most often and the situations that are most frequently lived in order not to lose even an important moment (and avoid taking back unnecessary clips instead). A month after the presentation the small video camera is not yet available and on the site there is only the possibility to register on the waiting list.

However, the moment of disembarkation on the market may be closer, as online documents demonstrate the transition to the FCC certification body, indicating that the product will soon be able to actually sell. Wearable or attachable with the back object clip, Google Clips will be sold for $250.

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