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Chuwi GBOX Mini PC gives you the opportunity to design it

Last week the annual CES event (2018) took place and the company Chuwi took the opportunity to present three new devices for this year: Chuwi SurBook Pro powered by the Intel Gemini Lago processor, Hi9 tablet air equipped with Mediatek 8176 SoC running on Android 8 Oreo outside the box, and GBox Pro (mini PC) that comes with the Intel i5 processor. And now it looks like they’re getting ready for another Mini PC called GBOX, which will be loaded with the first Gemini Lake N4100 global chipset.

The Gemini Lake N4100 offers up to 50% performance improvement over previous-generation CPU, DDR4 support for faster data transfer, 10-bit 4K UHD HEVC support, and up to 2.1x the web browsing experience. In addition, it has up to 3.2x faster graphics, integrated Gigabit WiFi, VP9 hardware decoding and up to 10 hours of battery life, compared to the latest generation chipset.

And unlike previous products, this time Chuwi wants users to decide on the design and configuration of the product. Therefore, you can choose one of the three proposed designs with each of them made from different materials (engineered plastics, magnesium alloy aluminium or carbon fibre). In addition, you can choose the amount of RAM memory, storage capacity, storage expansion options, ports provided (HDMI, VGA, type C, RJ45, USB), and even the operating system (Windows, Windows + Ubuntu).

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to configure your computer perfectly so don’t wait any longer and enter here so that you can give your opinion about the GBOX production in general and be the hero of your own story, it’s important to note that Chuwi will make a draw on the site. All you need to do is review your page and write a comment on its functionality and subscribe to your newsletter. We wish you well in your “adventure”.

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