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Bluboo X – another smartphone cloned from iphone X

Bluboo X

It is no secret to anyone that Chinese brands copied all kinds of western devices almost always. It is therefore not surprising that the iPhone X is not the exception, and once again is the manufacturer Bluboo who has one of the teams will be its new “flagship” of 2018, it is the Bluboo X. This new mobile phone has a design almost identical to that of the tenth generation of iPhones and will go on sale in the coming weeks with a hardware as powerful as Apple’s mobile phone, and which will also be offered for sale at a reduced price within reach of all, as is usual in this manufacturer. That is why we want to share with you the characteristics that the new Bluboo X will have.

It is not the first time that this manufacturer brings to the market a smartphone emulating the design of Western brands, in previous opportunities we have seen how they bring to the market devices whose name and design resembles that of other models of Western brands, such as the Bluboo S9.

Thanks to the fact that it was announced less than three weeks ago, we were able to see the first images of Bluboo X, where at first sight it is difficult to find notable differences between Bluboo X and Apple’s new smartphone, it is not until we investigate more in the details of the smartphone we find the differences that make the Bluboo X a mobile with an “inspired” appearance on the iPhone and not a full-blown Chinese clone.

In this way, you can see that the Bluboo X will have an appearance similar to the Iphone X on the front and back, however the location of the camera is different, while the iPhone has a rear camera located on the right of the device, Bluboo X bets for a central location, where the dual camera will protrude a bit from the body. Despite this, both smartphones have a dual sensor camera with an LED flash located in the middle. It should be noted that the Bluboo X will not have IP67 certification , which does have the iPhone X, and that they do it with water and dust proof.

Another interesting detail with respect to the camera, is that while Apple’s dual sensor is only 12MP + 12MP, Bluboo mobile bet on dual camera of 21MP + 21Mp , higher than Apple . However, we must see the true performance of Bluboo X photographic sensors , although the company has already anticipated that they will be manufactured by Sony. For its part, the front camera will be 8MP and will offer facial recognition.

Similar to the Iphone X, Bluboo X will have a body made of metal and glass , with the buttons located on the right side and whose AMOLED screen will have a size of 5.99 inches , 0.19 inches larger than the model from Apple. This display panel will have a Full HD+ resolution given the 18: 9 aspect ratio of the mobile, whose screen occupies 90% of the front panel , practically the entire front. It is known that Bluboo X will also offer facial recognition technology.

For its part, the device will also have a fingerprint sensor that unfortunately can not be seen at a glance in the photographs released by the manufacturer, so it is possible that it is located on the side. On the other hand, the internal section is where surely the Bluboo X will lose more strength against the iPhone X, although nothing confirmed will apparently have a Mediatek 8-core processor, probably the Helio P23 with frequency of 2Ghz, which will be accompanied by a graphic chip Mali G71 MP, being able to be bought in versions of 4GB and 8GB, with an internal storage of 64Gb extendable with a micro SD card of up to 256 GB.

This hardware configuration will allow the Bluboo X to run most of the available applications quite fluently, especially those that take advantage of the size and resolution of the screen, such as multimedia content apps, and can even run some heavy games.

In addition, the mobile will go on sale with a non-removable battery of 5500 mAh, which will most likely allow fast charging and offer a range of 2 days of use or about 8 days in standby mode. Also, an aspect to take into account the Bluboo X smartphone is that it will have support for dual SIM, being able to use the slot in nano SIM + nano SIM mode or nano Sim + micro SD. It will also offer other classic alternatives of connectivity, such as Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. Finally, it should be noted that the Bluboo X will have the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, which given the hardware configuration will probably work quickly and smoothly.

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