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We present the new Xiaomi thermal massage device!

The routine of many is to spend hours and hours sitting in the office or at home, with the head centered on the computer. Thanks to this, they are accustomed to assume incorrect postures that then suffer in the neck or spine . We also have the situation in which for days or weeks the cold is deep in the bones , especially in the winter. And although none of these problems afflict him or whatever the day to day and the life of each one, one thing we all have in common is that, once at home, we would never say no to a nice warm and relaxing massage . Xiaomi he knows it well and that is why at the time of writing this, only a few hours remain to present his new massager with thermal system.

This is not the only Xiaomi device of this type, within the catalog of products for health and well-being we can also find the U-shaped Multi-function or the PMA Graphene therapeutic belt ; Both are excellent to enjoy a time of relaxation and freedom from stress. However, the brand always seeks to renew itself, so the new product is configured as the successor of the massage machine that the Chinese company presented in July of 2017. It has inherited all the good, but brings innovations and substantial improvements . Let’s discover them together!

If we start with the design, in this new device you see an increase compared to the previous model . Now the band has a surface area of ​​50% and a circular shape has been adopted to work perfectly as a muscle stimulator. Like the predecessor, it can be configured in 5 massage modes , but unlike it, you can apply up to 20 levels of strength intensity (compared to 10 of the old version). These gradually increase from the lightest to the fastest and strongest level , ideal to solve the worst problems of painful and unwanted muscle contraction.

At the same time, it comes equipped with a new energy conversion system that allows transforming electricity into heat. This function is able to reach the set temperature in only 8 seconds , which can be set in three intensity levels . As you can see in the highlighted image, the Xiaomi thermal massager can be recharged using a traditional USB cable , which can then be connected, for example, to a computer. The Chinese company has stated that with a recharge of just over three hours, the device can work for an approximate of 15 days with daily massage sessions of 15 minutes.

As always, the price is absolutely tempting, given that we are talking about a figure for the Chinese market of only 169 yuan, just over $ 25 or €21 , according to current exchange rates. Just do the calculations adding the benefits it will offer, and we are sure that you will not hesitate to acquire it as soon as it goes on sale.

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