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A classic returns: Microsoft makes an improved version of its IntelliMouse mouse

See news 'A classic comes back: Microsoft makes an improved version of its IntelliMouse mouse'

Microsoft has decided to resurrect a classic that gave many joys to its users: the Microsoft IntelliMouse. Reusing the original design of the mouse, the new Classic IntelliMouse promises to give back to its users the same sensations that the original model gave, but improved . And, of course, keeping the sensational BlueTrack system that made the original so famous.

The Microsoft IntelliMouse has a very special place in the hearts of many users (talluditos and to them, it’s true). Presented in 1996, it was the first mouse that incorporated the scroll wheel, something that today we do not think is absent from any modern mouse . Not even in the most basic models. This model has gone through several revisions, of which the most recent was the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, which was introduced in the year 2003 (although initially it was soon withdrawn from the market to return to be sold in 2006). It was precisely this latest version that incorporated the BlueTrack system that made this mouse so famous.

BlueTrack is a motion tracking system that allows the mouse to be used without problems almost on any surface that is placed, including the glass that is usually used in many modern desks, and on which in the past the laser sensors did not work well. the time (although now things have changed for the better).

The Classic IntelliMouse mouse has been based for its design on the latest IntelliMouse that the firm presented, the Explorer 3.0. But they have refurbished it a little on the outside, maintaining its perfect ergonomics, while inside they have made a considerable update, so that its users can feel at the forefront of technology.

For example, the mouse still maintains its BlueTrack tracking system, but the resolution has been increased considerably to 3,200 DPIs, making the mouse much more capable than it was originally.

The switches of the main buttons have also been changed so that they are much stronger than the original ones. The new switches are tared to withstand up to 10 million beats, while the two side buttons raise their resistance up to 100,000 beats and the wheel button, up to 350,000 beats. The new Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse can be purchased at the Microsoft web store at the price of $39.

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