3 handy add-ons for Firefox

Installeer eens wat add-ons in Firefox

Although Firefox is an excellent browser from the packaging, of course there are still things that make it just a bit more beautiful. This can be done via add-ons, small programs that run in your browser. These are 3 super handy add-ons for Firefox.

First but the bad news. Mozilla has introduced a totally new system for add-ons with the advent of version 57, also known as Quantum. It means that the support for add-ons’ old style’ has lapsed. Fortunately, programmers are working hard on converting their add-ons. So if you like it a little bit, your favourite copy is now available to Quantum. And if not, it is perhaps time to stalk the programmer a lot. As far as we are concerned, we use a few add-ons that are certainly worth it. And have now also made the transition to the new Firefox.


You can search and install add-ons by clicking on the button at the top right, with the three dashes. In the opened menu, click Add-ons and then (left) click on Obtain Add-ons. You now see a handful of suggestions, scroll all the way down and click the View more addons button! for a complete overview. The search field at the top right of the page allows you to look for specific extensions. Or browse through the offer. If you’ve found something, click Add to Firefox and ready. Disabling or deleting an add-on can be done again via the Add-on administrator; available add-ons can be found under Extensions.

Add-ons beheren is eenvoudig in Firefox


ColorfulTabs has been running for a long time. It is an add-on that ensures that each tab gets its own color. Sounds simplistic, but in practice it turns out to be very useful if you regularly have a lot of tabs open. Finding back a tab is then suddenly a lot easier! In the latest Firefox, the add-on not only adjusts the color of the tabs, but also that of the top toolbar. Whether that is a benefit or a disadvantage is left open. A question of personal taste. In any case, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. However, the creator of the toolkit still has to tinker a little bit with the functionality in Quantum, because not active tabs are still colorless. And that was the strength of ColorfulTabs. But we gamble that that will eventually be all right.

Adblocker Ultimate

Although it remains a controversial subject on the’ publishing side’, adblockers are a blessing for users. Not only do they provide wonderful quiet advertising web pages, they also reduce the amount of data traffic. This is good for mobile use. And – last but not least – they offer just another additional piece of safety. Malicious ads can inject malicious code, for example. The annoying thing is that obscene ads don’t have to be posted by a page provider at all consciously, often advertisements appear automatically as part of a closed deal with a page provider. Anyway, an adblocker has such advantages. AdBlocker Ultimate, for example, is very pleasant to use. Please note that many websites can only exist through advertising revenue. So consider putting your favourites on the whitelist.

Print Edit WE

Printing web pages sometimes leads to chaotic results. With a lot of wasted paper filled with unwanted comments on an article, or almost white pages at the beginning. With Print Edit WE, you’ll be able to capture things like that with an extensive preview mode in which, for example, you can remove elements that you don’t want to see on paper. By clicking the Web Style button you often keep the page layout as shown on your screen. Website programmers don’t always ensure a (correct) printable layout, resulting in a lot of paperwork. Last but not least, it is also possible to create PDF files – with or without maintaining the original layout. Ideal for creating an archive.


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